Issue 4, Autumn 2014 (digital)


Genre-defying fiction by Susanna Kearsley, KG McAbee, Ace Baker, Kimberleigh Roseblade, Richard E Gropp, KL Mabbs and more!

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In our fourth issue of Pulp Literature Magazine:

'The Fall of the Ego' by Arantzazu Martinez
‘The Fall of the Ego’ by Arantzazu Martinez
  • a tale of William Wallace’s Scotland … and the undead … from Susanna Kearsley in ‘Soldier, Wake’.
  • An adult twist on the gingerbread man in “Dough Boy Lovers and the Appetites of Desire” by Karlo Yeager.
  • “Blackthorne & Rose: Agents of DIRE”, by KG McAbee, a steampunk romp through undead-infested London with Burton, Poe, Verne, Babbage, Lister and Faraday.
  • The beautiful blend of poetry and story in “Victory Girl” by Ace Baker.
  • Time travel in the streets of Vancouver with “The Death of Me” by Keith Mabbs
  • Alien encounters with a twist in “Things to Live For” by Richard E Gropp
  • A sequential art adaptation of slam poet Kimberleigh Roseblade’s “The Wolf”
  • Winners of the Inaugural Magpie Award for Poetry
  • “The Fall of the Ego”, a haunting cover by the extraordinary Spanish artist Arantzazu Martinez.

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