Issue 10, Spring 2016 (digital)


Magical murder mystery by Carol Berg; monster hunting with Gregg Chamberlain; sleuthing with Stella and Mel Anastasiou; comic by Kris Sayer; poetry by Matthew Walsh, Ev Bishop, and Ada Maria Soto; flash fiction by Andrea Lewis and Stephen Case; short stories by Sarina Bosco and Susan Pieters; Allaigna’s Song by JM Landels; and literary fiction from the 2015 Raven winners Emily Linstrom and PE Bolivar.


Mysteries, monsters, and myths are all the rage in this issue, guarded by Britt-Lise Newstead’s fierce cover girl in ‘She Doesn’t Know She’s Small’.

'She Doesn't Know She's Small' by Britt-Lise Newstead
‘She Doesn’t Know She’s Small’ by Britt-Lise Newstead
  • Follow Hue de Paien, the High Constable whose detective work could cost him more than just his knees in Carol Berg‘s ‘Uncanonical Murder’;
  • Meet Moishe Cohen, self-appointed vampire-slayer in Gregg Chamberlain‘s ‘Monster Hunter’;
  • Rejoin our favourite octogenarian sleuth Stella Ryman as she tracks down ‘The Thief Called Edge’, by Mel Anastasiou;
  • Discover the difference between beast and human in Sarina Bosco‘s haunting fairy tale interpretation, ‘Soul Making’;
  • Find out from Susan Pieters how to rid yourself of the ‘Five Finger Blade’ — and why you may not want to;
  • Read between the lines in Andrea Lewis‘s ‘Vellum’, and reveal the identity of the mysterious visitor in Stephen Case‘s ‘Two Twenty-Two’;
  • Find truths in fabricated fairy tales and myths with the winners of our Raven contest, Emily Linstrom‘s ‘Black Blizzard’ and PE Bolivar‘s ‘The Lament for iCarus’.
  • Uncover a haunting past in Kris Sayer‘s short comic, ‘Where her Armour was Weakest’.
  • Finally, unravel more secrets of Allaigna’s heritage in the penultimate installment of Allaigna’s Song: Overture by JM Landels


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