What the Wind Brings

Out of the fires of Caribbean revolution, shipwrecked onto the shores and jungles of Ecuador, a slave, a captive, and a shaman fight Inquisition-era Spain for freedom. In times like these, when power spends blood like pennies, what chance do these disparate underdogs have to create an independent nation?

Chance, no.  Intelligence, daring, tactics, and magic, yes.

A sweeping slipstream historical epic from Matthew Hughes.

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Praise for What the Wind Brings

“A triumph!” – Cecelia Holland, author of the Corben Loosestrife series

“What an incredible novelist does well is make a reader see the world from a different perspective. Mr Hughes does an exceptional job of that in this book. What the Wind Brings has ships, slaves, arquebuses, swords, jungles, and monks. It also has a good dose of indigenous magic that plays an integral part of the story. With this book, you will be drenched in humid jungles and steeped in rarified, mountain air while immersed in cultures and histories we should all know more about. A finely researched, detailed story that will touch your heart and make you realise, yet again, that while we may bodily beat each other down, we can’t stop our spirits from rising. If I was ever lost in a jungle, I’d want Expectation to find me.” – N.E. White, sffworld.com

“Beautifully immersive and the historical details are incredibly well drawn; the amount of research that went into this is evident on every page. Engrossing and enlightening.” – Anwen H

“What a journey you take reading this book. You feel like you are there back in ancient Ecuador, and living out the brutal existence portrayed. I found myself fearing for my life. The spine-tingling, edge-of-your-seat storyline will keep you up all night.” – Siouxanne M

“Sensational!” – Candas Jane Dorsey, author of Black Wine

Available in Limited Edition Hardcover, Trade Paperback, and Ebook