Would you like us to speak at your event or conference? Hire us! In addition to our popular Hour Stories workshops, we can teach these classes at your venue.  Use the contact form below to enquire about bookings.

The Hour Stories Workshop Hour stories

A writing circle can be one of the most positive and powerful sources of feedback and encouragement in the otherwise solitary occupation of writing.  We invite you to join our circle for a morning of writing and reader response, using the The Hour Stories created by Dale Adams Segal.  In this three-hour workshop you will generate approximately 1000 words of either a new story or a section of your work-in-progress. We will share our stories and inspiration over tea and good food, and walk away with fresh inspiration.  The Hour Story cards are excellent tools to promote deeper insight, unstick a writing block, or take your story in a new and exciting direction.  (For more about this process, read the review by KT Wagner on page 19 of Wordworks Magazine.)

Slush-pile Confidential
Learn what goes on behind the scenes at a literary press. What is the slushpile, how does it work, how long should you wait for a response? Learn what catches an editor’s eye and what can turn her off your story, and, once it’s accepted, what steps it goes through to become a published work.

Hiring the Right Editor: Avoid The Biggest Mistake Indie Authors make!
You want your work to shine, and you’ve set aside the money for hiring a professional editor… but wait!  There are many stages to editing and many choices for hiring an editor. Just hiring a final “proofreader” is the biggest mistake most indie authors make. Find out the better options which will make your book a success! (60-90 minutes)

What is a Lit Mag?
How is a lit mag different from a commercial magazine? What are the advantages to getting published in one? What payment rates are normal? Learn how to decipher the masthead for insider clues about what really is going on with a literary magazine community.

Collaborative Editing in the 21st Century
Cloud-based file sharing allows communication between authors, editors, and designers with a level of speed and convenience never seen before in the industry.  Learn how to make the most of online services such as Google Drive to enhance the quality of your editing and production process, while safeguarding access and tracking changes.  Quality collaboration has never been easier!

Top 10 Lessons for a Successful Kickstarter Publishing Campaign Learn the do’s and don’ts from a team that has successfully funded on Kickstarter — thrice!  length: can be tailored (30 – 90 minutes)

Getting your Feet Wet: The benefits of publication in literary journals
Most writers are after the money, and never consider wasting their time on submitting short stories or novel excerpts to small literary presses. Find out why these intimate settings can be the best place to learn the craft, learn the industry, and get recognition. Talk will also examine online submissions trackers, which can be useful tools in finding these markets. length: can be tailored (30 – 90 minutes)

David vs Goliath: writing the mismatched fight scene
Everyone loves an underdog, and having the little guy triumph in your story is gets your audience cheering along.  But how do you make the reader believe it when your 90 lb weakling takes down the musclebound bully, or your wee slip of a girl lays out an armoured knight, a gang of street thugs and a pack of wolves?  In this fun and interactive session, author and editor JM Landels brings her years of sword fighting and martial arts (mostly against larger opponents) to the writing table to demonstrate techniques that actually work, and discuss the realistic use of equalizers like swords, guns, horses and office furniture.  length: 60 – 90 minutes