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When you join the Pulp Literati with a small monthly donation you help create the steady stream of support that keeps our magazine afloat.  While grants, regular subscriptions, and one-off fundraisers are extremely helpful, nothing can replace the monthly income from our members.  It guarantees our bank account always has the money to pay professional fees  to the writers, artists and editors who contribute to the magazine.

Get great tales by favourite authors to keep your e-reader pages turning through your days and nights.  Included in the price you’ll find gorgeous design, graphic novel shorts, and intriguing line drawings, as we work hard to make this anthology the most gorgeous you’ve ever purchased. $10 per month gets you a print subscription and a spot on our patrons’ wall of honour, plus the keys to our digital library — that’s every issue we’ve published in epub, mobi, and pdf format!

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The Hero’s Reward

With a minimum $5 monthly donation you not only get your choice of a print or digital subscription, you get a wealth of perks and thank you gifts delivered throughout the year.  Because who doesn’t love receiving gifts in the mail?  And because your support makes you our hero, and our heroes deserve all the love we can afford.  Here’s what you’ll get from your monthly donation:

The Bartender – $5 per month
  • Your choice of a print or digital subscription to Pulp Literature
  • A hand written postcard from us
  • Entry to the secret Pulp Literati facebook group
  • The warm fuzzy feeling of contributing to the artistic community

The Cicerone – $8
  • All of the above rewards
  • A set of 4 collectible Pulp Literature postcards to mail to your friends
The Innkeeper – $10
  • All of the above rewards
  • Access to the full digital catalogue of back issues
  • Surprise gifts throughout the year


The Landlord – $15


  • All of the above rewards
  • The Writer’s Boon Companion: Thirty Days Towards an Extraordinary Manuscript
The Brewer – $25
  • All of the above rewards
  • The Writer’s Friend and Confidante: Thirty Days of Narrative Achievement
  • Colouring Paradise: A Renaissance-Inspired Colouring Book
The Shareholder – $50
  • All of the above rewards
  • Manuscript critique up to 50,000 words  OR a portrait by Mel Anastasiou
  • An autographed copy of Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries
  • An autographed copy of Allaigna’s Song: Overture
  • Advance review copies (ARCs) of all new novel releases
The Inner Circle – $100
  • All of the above rewards
  • Print ARCs of new novel releases
  • A signed copy of next Pulp Literature Press novel release
  • Novel editing up to 100,000 words

Yes! I want to join the Pulp Literati as
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