CC Humphreys New Novel Coming Soon: Plague

cchumphreysportrait.Author. Actor. Swordsman. That’s the title of CC Humphreys’s website.

He’s got a new novel coming out on July 15th.  Watch for Plague —and for chances to hear Chris read from it. Because CC Humphreys gives one hell of a reading.

With one sweep of his blue-green beacon of a gaze, he casts you hugger-mugger into the fray of his thriller. Now, you’re tottering in your padded jerkin on London’s South Embankment, nose to nose with a gang of armed Elizabethan thugs. He thrusts a sword and buckler your way, and the conflict overtakes you. It’s fight or die….

I love CC Humphreys’s books, and by a very good fortune, he enjoys writing them. Not that rapidly paced, well-researched storytelling is a doddle. He likens writing to climbing a mountain: step by step, and don’t look down. But it’s exciting, too, like his stories.

I last heard him read in London’s Samuel French Ltd, Bookstore—established 1830—a great venue whereat to entertain his listeners with stories of his quite epic career: how he became a Shakespearian actor, how he wrote his first play in 24 hours and won first prize, and how the idea for his first full-length novel occurred to him: there was CC Humphreys, chinning himself on gym bars, and noticing in the mirror as he did so that he had quite a long neck. Easy work for the axeman, he thought. Or… for the swordsman. From there, it was a leather-booted leap of inspiration to six-fingered Anne Boleyn and the swordsman hired to behead her. The French Executioner, which has one of the best opening lines ever penned. Look it up. On his site:

And never miss one of the man’s readings.

Also by CC Humphreys:

Shakespeare’s Rebel, Orion, 2013

A Place Called Armageddon, Orion, 2012

The Hunt of the Unicorn, Knopf, 2011

Vlad: the Last Confession, Orion, 2009

The Runestone Saga, Knopf, 2006 – 2008

The Jack Absolute Series, Orion, 2003 – 2006

The French Executioner Series, Orion, 2002 – 2003



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