Author Spotlight: JJ Lee

Issue 2, Spring 2014
Issue 2, Spring 2014

Our magazine is dedicated to breaking boundaries of fictional genres and encouraging established authors to go boldly where they have never gone before. This blog salutes our second issue feature author, JJ Lee. Whereas “Built to Love” is a science fiction story built around a teddy bear, JJ is best known for his sensitive memoir, The Measure of a Man. Nominated for highest awards in Canada, this book is one you will never forget. For those fortunate to attend his local library readings, JJ is known to capture his audience so completely the normally punctual librarians forget to check their clocks. Tissues are pulled out of pockets and tapping feet are stilled. He’s that good. A description of the book from his website:

For years, journalist and amateur tailor JJ Lee tried to ignore the navy suit that hung at the back of his closet — his late father’s last suit. When he decides to finally make the suit his own, little does he know he is about to embark on a journey into his own past. Part personal memoir, part social history of the man’s suit, it is a deeply moving and brilliantly crafted story of fathers and sons, love and forgiveness, of fitting in and standing out — and discovering what it means to be your own man.JJ with hat

Maclean’s magazine calls this ‘An exquisite book.’ We highly recommend this memoir as a gift for both men and women, so please visit JJ’s website and do a little early Christmas shopping:


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