Your Writer’s Life: Six Ways You’re Living it Now

summerFew will argue that the path to being a full-time writer isn’t a challenging one, but then it’s also difficult to become doctors and lawyers and such.  I observe that nobody says to those aspirants, as they say to writers, “Ha, don’t quit the day job.” Instead they exclaim, “Wow, a doctor, good for you, that’s a hard career to get into. How are you going to manage that?”

It’s a good question for us to answer anyway.  And it’s a time-management, organizational question. 

Here are six ways to know you’re closer than you ever thought to success in your writing career.

  1. You think and plan both long-term and short-term.
  2. You rely on preparation and love of the craft to write, rather than the inspiration of the moment.
  3. You have already found ways to encourage and give back to other writers.
  4. You think beyond the manuscript to reaching your readers.
  5. You can answer the question, “What’s your book about?” in a sentence.
  6. You devise a way to carve out a few large (1 ½ hours perhaps for drafting and revising) and many small (3 to 10 minutes for planning, polishing, and marketing) chunks of time during the week. These blocks of time may be flexibly scheduled but are certainly sacrosanct.

All the success experts insist that we need dreams of success to help spark action, and time management common sense agrees that if you’re excited about something brilliant and feasible, you’re likely to do the hard work that’s needed to achieve it with efficiency and focus.

I hope you’ll have a terrific writing day today.

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