Trust the Horse You Rode In On

The nice thing about horses — as opposed to bicycles or cars — is they’ll take you home even if you’re dead tired, it’s dark out, and you’ve perhaps had a drink too many.

So much of writing depends upon a confident attitude.  You may feel you’ve lost your way and are floundering in the dark.  But it helps to remember that, although it’s the mark of the supreme professional to want to learn more, you’ve already learned so much.

We all have.  We’re inspired by writers at the podium who remind us that we’re close to our next great idea.  We’re helped by readers who let us know that we’re onto a good thing.  And we have the enduring support of all our past reading, because all those thousands of books that held us, pleased us, and made us smile are our brilliant teachers.  Thanks to them we have residing inside each of us a specialist in storytelling structure.  That’s your trusty steed who will carry you across the finish link.

When you sit down to write, it’s exciting to know that there will always more to learn.  And it saves a lot of hair-pulling and uncertainty when you realize you are already an expert.

Trust the horse you rode in on to get you home through the dark.

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