Paying the Contributors First

Most writers starting out don’t make much money. They generally wind up paying out lots of money upfront for conferences, for memberships, for websites, for contest entries, for business cards…all in the hopes of eventually breaking even, then getting a real income.  We at Pulp Literature find ourselves in a similar situation. In order to promote our magazine, we have volunteered our own time and money to get the website started, the illustrations drawn, the submissions read… We don’t expect to earn an income this year.

But we want our guest writers and artists to earn. We want to pay you first.

Our established feature writers have agreed to donate their works if there is not enough funding. They’re trying to support new writers. As well, Jen, Sue and Mel have agreed to donate their works if there isn’t enough funding. When the kickstarter ends, and our budget is clear, we will offer contracts to our approved submissions and let them know how much we can afford to pay. We would like to offer seven cents a word, but the reality might be less.

We may not make much money our first year, but we can offer a different kind of dividend to our writers and artists. We can offer a new network and a cool community.  We can offer publication credits and a printed format that you can brag about and give your parents at Christmas. We can offer a place where your work will rub shoulders with well-known writers who are generously supporting our project. We hope you can also support us by submitting your work and spreading the word.

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