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small writerWriting is a solitary pursuit, often performed in a what seems like an echo chamber.  We write, re-read, re-write, with only our (often negative) self-critic there to give us advice.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  The feedback received from an editor can be a lifeline when we’re drowning in the quagmire of self-doubt and circular thinking.

We’ve been there; we know what it’s like.  For Mel, Jen, and Sue, it’s the feedback from each other and from our amazing copy-editors and proofreaders — Amanda Bidnall, Dana Tye-Rally, Mary Rykov and Katie Howard — that keep our manuscripts on track and our heads on straight.  That’s why we’re offering three rewards on our Kickstarter especially for fellow writers.

Manuscript SOS

Need some editorial guidance?  Whether you want developmental and structural advice or detailed line-edits, we’re here to help.  Send us a single novella-length work all at once or three or four shorter pieces throughout the year, and we’ll give you an editorial critique plus a second post-revision editing pass on up to 80,000 words.  The reward also includes the Colouring Paradise colouring book and a print subscription to Pulp Literature – that’s a $500 value for only $300!

Twelve-week online writing course

Struggling with getting the words down?  Need to add some zing to your prose?  Write three new short stories or three sections of your work-in-progress in our Skype-in writing sessions, and we will help you hone and polish them in our four-step editing process till they are publication-ready.  As well as the colouring book and subscription, the course includes a minimum of three Hour Story sessions by Skype, and three editing stages of at least one piece by our in-house professionals:  structural editing, line-editing, and proofreading.  All this for only $600!

Year-long mentorship


If this is the year you truly want to make a quantum leap in your writing, consider a mentorship.  On top of everything included in the 12-week course, our mentorship program features continuing editorial feedback, a monthly Hour Stories session, submissions guidance, editing tutorials and — possibly the most important ingredient in the solitary career of a writer — collegiality and moral support.  Normally this level of mentorship is available for $120 a month through our Patreon page, but for the Kickstarter we are offering it at $1200 for whole year.  That’s only $100 a month!

Support and constructive critique is the fuel that feeds your Muse.  Thank her for her gifts by treating her — and yourself — to some well-earned soul food!

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