Nanowrimo: 3 good reasons to take the plunge

Nanowrimo says, go ahead, dare to write a book that might even make you a lot of money, help others along with ourselves to get pages under our belts, and have writerly fun doing it. It makes a lot of sense to go Nanowrimo.

1. Write that book and have fun doing it.

For some of us, the fun lies in scoring high in wordcounts: there’s nothing like seeing those manuscript pages stack up.  The friendly competition between like-minded authors, as well as rewards you can give yourself at the end of the day (beer, chocolate, kitten gifs … ) turns writing into a game that’s fun to play.  And if it turns into a bestseller some day, those are the ultimate bonus points!

2. Hone your skill.

Like any skill, such as playing an instrument, drawing a portrait, or throwing a baseball, writing needs to be practised over and over again.  Even if you’re not at the stage in your career where you have a winning novel just waiting to be born, your writing chops will sharpen simply by churning out 2000 words a day.  Guaranteed, you’ll be a better writer at the end of it.

3. Help other writers live their dream.

As well, our Nanowrimo participation encourages and helps others who need some support to take steps towards writing the novel that’s been a dream for years. They love knowing that  they’re not alone in what sometimes seems like a lonely profession.

Get the help you want

It makes good sense to get tailor-made support for the days ahead.  Our contribution to the cause is making The Writer’s Friend and Confidante: Thirty Days of Narrative Achievement pdf version available now.  Get your copy while it’s hot, because this 30-day guide is available only till the end of Nanowrimo.

The Writer’s Friend and Confidante, like any good pal, cheers you when you’re low, motivates you to write your best work yet, helps you develop a map of narrative clarity, and believes in you with every fibre of her being.

In our Confidante you’ll find thirty days of inspiration, tips and exercises, timely advice for each act of your story, and images to feed your eye and make you smile when you approach every lily-pale page.

Nanowrimers, you’ll love the 30 days to keep you inspired to make it to the end.  This guide is your assistant, reminding you of the dreams that set you off on your narrative journey, and offering hints, tips, exercises, and inspiration to see you through to your goal.

Only $10 gets you our printable, illustrated, re-usable PDF workbook during Nanowrimo.

Are you a hard-copy purist?  Prefer the printed page?  In that case, The Writer’s Boon Companion: Thirty Days Towards an Extraordinary Volume is the friend for you.  A daily writing guide to help you through a month of your work in progress.  Perfect for NaNoWriMo … or any month of the year.

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