Beyond the First Book Horizon

DragonRocktitlepicsmallThis past January I watched Lady Gaga melt with tears on the Golden Globes as she received her acting award.  Her happiness reminded me of Frank Sinatra’s when he earned his Oscar for From Here to Eternity in 1955. Both these eminent and top-flight stars on the popular music scene had already received all the kudos an artist might expect in a lifetime. But they wanted the next thing, along with the first thing, and why should they not?

It takes hard work and grit to make it in a new arena. The singers’ preparation for acting – Lady Gaga with music videos, Sinatra with small roles in small films – went on at the same time they were creating their first bodies of work in music. Multitasking might have failed them, but preparation got them exactly where they wanted to be.

So if our writing goal is, sensibly, to finish this one darned beloved novel, it may be worthwhile to take time to think beyond one book:

  • to spend 15 minutes a day to visualize, identify with, and develop new skills.
  • to think beyond the odds, for big challenges brings big opportunities

Everything we do now towards that further vision will help us grow past this one book to live our ideal lives in our writing careers.

There’s never been a better time to be a writer. I hope it’s another brilliant writing day for you.

Cheers, Mel

One thought on “Beyond the First Book Horizon

  1. I loved this–especially the last two paragraphs to which I found myself responding, “Hear, hear” and “Indeed!” 🙂

    Wishing all of you at Pulp Literature another brilliant writing day, week, year, too.

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