A Countdown Calendar

Whatever your holiday persuasion is at this time of year, one of the best things about the season is anticipation.  Even growing up as I did in an entirely secular household, I loved the countdown to Christmas.  Not every year, but every once in a while, I would receive an advent calendar.  They were just gaudy pieces of cardboard with cheap and nasty confections that somehow had the nerve to be called milk chocolate , but I loved them.  Each tiny thrill of opening a new window and getting closer to the big one somehow added up to much more than a collection of 24 candies.

We here at Pulp Literature are more excited than kids on Christmas eve as we get ready for Launch Party on December 20th.  We thought we’d share the anticipation by making an advent calendar of sorts for you, our blog readers.  Each day until the 20th we’ll be posting a special offer on the blog, most of them good for one day only.

However, to start off with a bang our very first special will be good for the whole month!

Advertising Special

For the month of December we are offering ad rates of three issues for the price of two in our 2014 print and digital editions!  For details, see our adverts page.

Check back tomorrow, to see what special offer is available on December 2nd …

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