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I believe that there has never been a better time to publish an excellent book.Albertblack&white

Not too long ago, if you attended a writing conference, you would have been taking notes in a crowd of people all of whom had been writing on their own.  Many of us were pale as pasta princes and princesses, working away, waiting to be rescued by a galloping agent or editors.

Dear heaven, the shy, dedicated writer’s dearest dream might come true!  A gallant publishing company would take our book, market it with all the gathered experts making certain we succeeded, and all we had to do was keep thundering at the keyboard while our agent negotiated the European rights.

And it happened.  Still does happen.  We all know writers who land bigtime agents and publishers, and it happens more often than, say, we get the opportunity to marry royalty.

But whether our goals are to succeed in traditional publishing, indie, or a combination of the two, the great thing about this time in the life of the writing world is that we don’t have to wait to be rescued.  We don’t need to be magically changed into successful writers by outside forces.  We can hire editors, find beta readers, mentor others and gradually, or suddenly, become a successful writer through practices we control with intelligent time management that brings us a great attitude and a truly excellent book.

Hope it’s another brilliant writing day for you.  Cheers, Mel.

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