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Three pages from Colouring Paradise

Our new Kickstarter project, Colouring Paradise: a Renaissance-Inspired Colouring Book, launched yesterday, and today we thought we’d give you a closer look at the three drawings that are available as single images.  They all appeared in Issue 1 of Pulp Literature, and even though they are some of Mel Anastasiou’s earliest published work they are remarkable in their detail and feeling.


magpiesmallerDeep in the magic forest, a magpie rules all she surveys.  This drawing is one of the first instances of Mel’s signature, rope-like, tangled trees.  The magpie at first seems caged by the forest, until you realize she might fly away at any moment into the clearing behind her.  The orginal drawing now lives in Australia, feeling regal amid her short-tailed down-under cousins.


Michael, by Mel AnastasiouMichael holds the world up for review.  When CC Humphrey‘s story ‘Where the Angels Wait’ came to us, we knew Michael was the perfect angel for its title page.  Here’s a peek at the work in progress, before Mel added the globe to this drawing in the style of Carlo Crivelli.  You can already see Mel has captured the delicate hands, nose and mouth typical of the 15th century painter’s work.

Lost Lady

smallhistorical2After Paolo Veronese;  Veronica  is lost in the woods with only her shining jewels and silks to light the darkness around her.  This drawing first appeared as an incidental illustration in Issue 1.  In Issue 2, she reappeared in a plain white dress to accompany David Clink’s poem, ‘The Lady in White’.  Here she is, with her intricate dress restored for your colouring pleasure.

These three images are on offer as high-resolution pdfs on the Kickstarter page for only $2 each, or $5 for all three.  This is nowhere near what the intricate works are worth, but Mel is very generously offering them for those just dipping their toes into the colouring craze.  And if three’s not enough, you can get the entire book for $10 as a pdf, or $20 in print.

We are a registered non-profit organization, and once we have covered our production and shipping costs, all remaining funds to paying artists and authors.    Please consider backing us on Kickstarter:  this colouring book project will help keep Pulp Literature, and the stories and artwork you’ve come to love, alive!

Back Issue Blowout!

pulp year 1Spring is here and it’s time to clean house!  Help us empty our back issue shelves with a fabulous special offer!

All 2014 print issues are on special, and the more you buy the more you save.  You can get one issue for $12 ($3 off the regular price), two for $20, three for $27, four for $32 and five or more books for only $7 each!

You can mix and match any number of each issue as long as our stock holds out.  And if 2014 issues aren’t enough you can also get a 2015 print subscription for only $35 (regular $40), or an ebook subscription for $15.

Use the order form below to request your back issues and we will send you an invoice.  The offer is subject to availability, and ends this Friday April 4th. Get yours while they last!

A Literary Evening

Susan Pieters
Susan Pieters

Tonight, Wednesday November 27th, Sue Pieters will be reading excerpts from our first issue at the George Mackie Library in North Delta along with other emerging and published Fraser Valley authors.

Come down and join them for an evening of literary fun and prizes.  Participate in the open mic portion of the evening or sit back and have some coffee/tea and goodies while you listen to the written word, including poems, short stories, novel excerpts and more!

George Mackie Library
8440 112th Street, North Delta
November 27th, 2013
7:00PM to 8:30PM

Bring your own works for the open mic, and get a sneak preview of our printers’ proof!

Pulp Literature Issue 1
Pulp Literature Issue 1
If you can’t make it down to hear Sue in person, you can always check out her guest blog this week on the Vancouver School of Writers‘ site.

30 days to Launch

Magic Forest by Mel Anastasiou
Magic Forest by Mel Anastasiou

It may have seemed very quiet here from the outside, but we have been busy busy busy!

Our fabulous designer Kirsten Call has put together an absolutely gorgeous magazine.  The issue #1 files are at the printer and we are eagerly awaiting the proof.  In the meantime we’re working on the e-book files, and everything should be ready to send to you, whether by postman or aether, in December.  As a teaser, here’s the title page image, by our own very talented Mel Anasatasiou.

And of course the other thing we’re planning is our launch party, happening in one short month  Earlybird tickets are gone, but you can still get tickets from the front desk at Academie Duello for only $15, or on our subscription page for $16.  A steal for a literary swordfighting evening, complete with food, festivities, photos with Santa and mistletoe!