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Are you our next Cover Artist?

Pulp LiteratureArtists! We are looking for a full-colour cover for Issue 11 of Pulp Literature!

The catch: it needs to illustrate a character, scene, or theme of JM Landels’s  Allaigna’s Song: Overture, which has been serialized in Pulp Literature and is reaching its conclusion in the Summer 2016 issue.

Take up the challenge!  Review the  Songbird Contest Guidelines, and send us your best work by February 15th 2016.

Outlining with Brooks and Da Vinci

Da Vinci, Master Outliner
Da Vinci, Master Outliner

“He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.” –Leonardo da Vinci

“Outline, outline, outline.” –Terry Brooks

I’m finally finishing revisions on my novel The Extra: A 1934 Hollywoodland Mystery, wherein two Vancouver girls run away to Hollywood in 1934 to become movie stars, only to discover the dead body of a famous actor on their living room sofa. I’ll bet I’ve written and rewritten it half a dozen times. The trouble was that when I began writing The Extra, I didn’t much like outlining. Oh, I had an outline in my mind Sort of.  Certainly, I





Was                                                                          Go


There are enormous sections of that book that languish unemployed in dozens of Moleskines.

During the course of these revisions, I began outlining each character’s growth over the arc. I learned to outline the whole narrative, the section, the chapter and the scene. I developed graphic organizers for outlining. I learned to love outlining (I’m a sucker for graphic organizers). Meanwhile, three years into revising The Extra, I began a second mystery series, Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries. Working from outlines from the very beginning this time, I finished the first omnibus in good time and am nearing the end of the second volume in that series.

I’ve just about got the last chapter of The Extra right at last. Fortunately, I never got tired of my hero Frankie Ray or her struggles to clear her name and escape the electric chair.

But it’s a shame to waste that kind of time. The I-could-have-written-eight-other-books kind of time. More planning, less drafting. Da VInci said it: ”He who thinks little errs much.”  In a workshop I attended, Terry Brooks said it at least as well: “Outline, outline, outline.”

Melissa Mary Duncan

We are thrilled to announce the cover artist for issue no 1, Melissa Mary Duncan!

Fantasy artist and illustrator Melissa Mary Duncan lives in New Westminster BC with her husband, author dvs Duncan.  An avid historic re-enactor, Neo Edwardian  and wishful thinker, Melissa has a passion for life, learning and the creative process.  She has had numerous solo exhibitions and her art has found  homes in private collections from Japan to Great Britain.

Her new book, Faye, the Art of Melissa Mary Duncan, was recently released and is available for sale through her website.  In 2014 she will be the Artist Guest of Honour at Canvention 34 ( The Canadian National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention) to be held in Vancouver during V-Con.

Beer Fairy by Melissa Mary Duncan
Beer Fairy by Melissa Mary Duncan

This cheeky fairy with her eclectic collection of feathers, bones & berries — and of course the beer button — perfectly sums up the mix of stories in Pulp Literature: beautiful, bizarre, quirky, a little tough, a little dangerous, and a lot of fun.  And what better fay creature to bless our enterprise of good books for the price of a beer?

You can help support the work of Melissa and our other artists by backing our Kickstarter campaign.  As little as $5 gets you an e-book, and a year’s print subscription is only $25.