Issue 17, Winter 2018

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Britt-Lise Newstead’s  Patron Saint of the Inevitable Death of the Universe guards the treasures within Issue 17:

  • JJ Lee’s ‘Desdemone’ opens our winter issue with an exquisite Edwardian haunting of a most personal kind.
  • Emily Osborne’s poem ‘Devonian’ sends us across time, deep into the primeval world; needles inform lives in John Davies’s ‘Tattoo’;  Kelli Allen’s ‘You don’t know your life anyway’ gives us a complicated relationship in a few great lines; and ‘Sea Changes’, by Matilda Berke, weaves Celtic myths with water.
  • With ‘One Safe Place,’ Erin Slaughter takes us on a road trip we’ll never forget, and ‘We Come Back Different’ from AJ Odasso gives us the first half of a gripping steampunk tale of strange science and mysterious disappearances in an alternate past.
  • ‘Embers’ by Misha Handman tells of an old woman’s last struggle against the darkness she’s been fighting for a lifetime, and Anat Rabkin’s ‘For the Love of Grey’ reaffirms that attitude is everything, even in Hell.
  • In two tales that demonstrate the power of words, Susan Pieter’s ‘Lineman’ puts readers up a ladder among live wires and Soramimi Hanarejima’s ‘Theft of Confidence’ takes language to a new level.
  • In this issue we also present the winning stories of The Hummingbird Flash Fiction Prize. Jeannette Topar’s ‘Just Down the Hall’ opens a door to something unexpected; and our first-prize story, William Kaufmann’s ‘The Bruised Peach’, pleases as it alters perception through a strange encounter.
  • Spencer Stevens takes another stab at happiness with the help of the Seven Swans pub in the fifth instalment of Mel Anastasiou’s Hertfordshire Pub Mysteries, ‘The Bridgewater Canal Mystery’.  And our heroine is up to her sword hilt in new dangers in the latest episode of Allaigna’s Song:  Aria by JM Landels.
  • And finally, it’s the end of the world, but skies are blue in the cheerful post-apocalyptic comic ‘Afloat’ by Gabriel Craven and Mikayla Fawcett.

We hope you’ll find the same delight and satisfaction in reading this brilliant selection that we did in finding them.


Issue 17, Winter 2018
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