Advent (print)


When the aliens came we thought we knew what they wanted.
We were wrong.



We were in no way insane. We told ourselves we would adjust and only those of weak mind would question the real. We thought this would be better. We were wrong.
– Michael Kamakana, Advent

When the aliens came, everything we thought we knew was wrong.  This is the motif that runs through Michael Kamakana’s refreshingly different take on alien invasion.  It’s not War of the Worlds or even Childhood’s End.  It’s a far more subtle and quiet takeover, which unfolds in the periphery of everyday lives.  The rolling language repeats like waves on a shore, carrying the reader deeper and deeper, until we too, feel like we have been colonized.

If Stanislaw Lem and James Joyce had a love child that was more brilliant and yet more readable than either, Michael Kamakana would be that child.  This amazing debut novel is destined to become a science fiction classic.


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