Fewer Steps, More Time to Write

“You know that Pepperidge Farm bread, that stuff is fancy. That stuff is wrapped twice. You open it, and then it still ain’t open. That’s why I don’t buy it, I don’t need another step between me and toast.”

-Mitch Hedberg.

Fewer steps, more toast. I mean, more of your story written.

Drafting time may end up frittered away with necessary preparations for writing. Luckily, writers can take care of most of those necessary time-eaters in five to ten minute intervals. These can be slotted into a busy day throughout the week.

Four useful tasks that may be worked into 5- or 10-minute time slots

  1. Outline the next scene, or the character arcs.
  2. Write taglines and elevator pitches for the book as a whole.
  3. List 10 ways the next turning point might occur.
  4. Devise a central image for the next scene.

In fact, you may find that with these steps taken outside of drafting time that peaceful drafting hour, when it finally arrives, can really get a writer somewhere fantastic.

I hope you’ll have another great week in your writing career.

Cheers, Mel

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Mel Anastasiou writes The Fairmount Manor Mysteries series, starring Mrs Stella Ryman, The Hertfordshire Pub Mysteries series, starring Spencer Stevens, and the Monument Studios Mysteries starring Frankie Ray as The Extra. Mel is Senior Acquisitions Editor with Pulp Literature Press.

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