Critique Rewards! Don’t Miss ‘em!

Having just attended the Surrey International Writers’ Conference and watched the “aha!” looks on faces after receiving blue pencil appointments, I can bear witness to the power of a good critique to enlighten a writer and transform a story.  We all have blind spots, and a gentle finger pointing out problems is a gift.

Don’t rely on your friends and family to be brutally honest with you — hire us!  On our Kickstarter page we have specials on critique packages ranging from $50 to $500.  These are half off our regular prices and include subcriptions!

If you are impressed with the quality of writing and editing in our magazine, sign up on our Kickstarter and use our skills to your advantage.  We offer editing for every level of writer for a variety of needs, from developmental or concept editing, to line by line copy editing or proofreading.

Our reward packages are

  • Mini-critique: a detailed, written critique of up to 1000 words of your work-in-progress, short story or poem.  Includes a 1 year digital subscription to Pulp Literature.  This is a $120 value.  Backer reward level $50.
  • Critique: a detailed, written critique of up to 5000 words of your short story or  work-in-progress, followed by a 20 minute Skype or phone session with one of our editors to discuss the work.  Includes a 1 year digital subscription and is a $220 value.  Backer reward level $100.
  • Hour Stories Session: got writer’s block?  Choose a private Hour Stories Session in person or by Skype where you will write approximately 1000 words.  This reward includes the mini-critique above plus a 1 year print and digital subscription.  A $270 value.  Backer reward level $130.
  • The Writer’s Package: an Hour Stories Session, a Critique of up to 5000 words of your short story or work-in-progress, print and digital subcriptions, plus a 1/4 page ad for your book or company OR a portrait of you drawn and inked by the talented Mel Anastasiou.  All this is a $500 value.  Backer reward level $250.
  • Novel Critique: one of our editors will read and critique your novel of up to 100,000 words and follow up with a Skype or phone session to discuss elements such as plot, pacing, character, structure, theme and dialogue.  Includes print and digital subscriptions.  A $1260 value.  Backer reward level $500.alexandra
  • Writing Retreat:  if you’d rather work on your edits in the peace and luxury of the Lodge at the Old Dorm on Bowen Island, join us from January 9th to 11th.  The retreat includes at least three Hour Stories Sessions, as well as critique and workshopping plus sumptuous rooms, gourmet food and good company.  This all-inclusive package, including transportation to and from Vancouver is worth approximately $1500.  Backer reward level $850.

Don’t be embarrassed when you send your novel to your agent or post it on Amazon; have us give it a once over so you can hold your head high!

Susan Pieters
Susan Pieters

Susan Pieters is a co-founder and developmental editor at Pulp Literature Press.  With a Masters in English and years of teaching, writing and editing under her belt, her keen eye polishes the stories in Pulp Lit till they sparkle.

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