2019 Bumblebee Flash Fiction Contest Winner

No more bated breath … a winner has been selected.

‘Wife Giver’, by Josephine Greenland emerges as the victor of the 2019 Bumblebee Flash Fiction Contest!

The Queen Bee of flash fiction, Bob Thurber, issued this proclamation:

It was a tight race and a close call with all the pieces selected as finalists, but in the end I found this well-blended post-modernized traditional folktale sparkled brighter than the rest.

We are of a hive mind, and can’t wait to share this piece with our readers in Issue 23!

Honourable Mention

The shortlist was incredibly strong this year, and even though there is no runner-up prize the editors and Bob all agree that Honourable Mention goes to ‘Inherited Love of Unexplainable Things’ by Zoë Johnson.

Many thanks to our contestants with their sharp submissions of flash fiction.  Keep an ear to the ground for the Hummingbird Flash Fiction Prize opening May 1st!

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