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Retreat Afterglow

Bowen Breakfast LSTGourmet food, historic bedrooms, island sunshine, and the Muse guiding our pens … Last weekend on Bowen was a writer’s paradise in every way, and four steps towards our manuscript goals, as we used the Hour Stories cards four times in three days.Bowen writing

Writers know better than to rely solely on the Muse to inspire creativity; discipline is the only thing we daily control. But when nine writers join together for timed writing exercises, the energy flows more easily, and both discipline and inspiration combine to empower writing.  Add to this the magical environment of Bowen Island, where Pulp Literature was conceived, and it creates a recipe for literary pixie dust.  Most of us wrote 4000 words!Bowen lounge KTW

If only the walls had ears, they would have heard time-management wisdom from Mel Anastasiou, murderous backfiring from Laura Kostur, oracle-like insight from Jane Durant, bizarro machinations from KT Wagner, romantic yearning from Kate Austin, fantastic captures from LS Taylor, photographic memories from Carol McCauley, comic counselling from Susan Pieters, and the conclusion of Allaigna’s trilogy by JM Landels.

Yes, a feast all around.  We can’t wait for next time!

Bowen ferry home LST

Thanks to Laura Taylor and Katherine Wagner for the photos!


Nurture your Muse

It takes a lot of energy to write, often because we must tear ourselves away from our normal busy schedules and the lengthy ‘to do’ lists we create.  We struggle to say no to people and projects in order to scrape time together for a bit of story drafting.  And then, just when we’re getting started, the buzzer goes off and we must return to the busy world, story abandoned.

But not on a writing retreat!  With like-minded people as partners, all distractions are set aside as we focus on hearing the muse. If this sounds tempting to you, consider joining all three Pulp editors for three days in the New Year at the sumptuous Lodge at the Old Dorm on Bowen Island.

Year of the Muse Writing Retreat
9 – 11 January 2015
Lodge at the Old Dorm, Snug Cove, Bowen Island BClounge

It’s the kind of place you’d expect to find Bilbo Baggins writing his memoir, enjoying good food and ale.  We will take walks, write, eat, and write, write, write.  See you there!