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Beat the Mid-November Blues

confidante-smallWriting is often a lonely business by necessity.  After all, it most often comes down to you and the blank page, and company is at best a distraction and at worst a hindrance.  But what if you had a quiet friend and confidante who was silent when you needed silence, yet ready with suggestions and words of encouragement when you need them most?

We introduce to you The Writer’s Friend and Confidante, a journal in which you’ll find thirty days of inspiration, tips and exercises, timely advice for each act of your story, and images to feed your eye and make you smile when you approach every lily-pale page.


Best of all, we’re offering this workbook as a thank you gift to everyone who backs our Something Novel Kickstarter Campaign before November 16th.

So if you’re feeling the mid-month NaNoWriMo lag, you’re fresh out ideas, or your novel needs an ending, ask The Writer’s Friend and Confidante for timely and helpful advice.