Issue 8 cover art by Mel Anastasiou

Issue 8, Autumn 2015

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In this Issue:

Travel through time and space with our cover hero, Mel Anastasiou’s ‘Albert Ball on Galactic Shore Leave’ to meet characters you will never forget.CoverJuly13

  • Go back to the Second World War to discover monsters and men of mystery in JJ Lee’s ‘The Man in the Long Black Coat’.
  • Then jump to the future so fast you can almost erase your past, in Julian Mortimer Smith’s ‘World of Dew’.
  • Closer to the present, try your luck at making a deal with the devil in Fred Zackel’s ‘The Devil’s Condom’ and take sibling rivalry to a new level in Tais Teng’s ‘Growing up with Your Dead Sister’.  
  • Top that off with a miracle pill in ‘Full Spectrum’ by Susan Pieters before attending a steampunk ball in your borrowed best with Donald Duncan’s ‘Cropper’s Ball’, and find out the real way to become a zombie in ‘Whole’ by Joanna Lesher.
  • Enjoy our graphic short about true heroes in Mel Anastasiou’s ‘The Dragon Archer’ before raising a toast to British Columbia talent in poems from our Magpie Award winners Diane Tucker, Ace Baker, and Jude Neale.
  • Last but not least, join Allaigna as she dances a reel and hides her royal blood from her relatives in the next instalment of Allaigna’s Song by JM Landels.

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