Happy New Year to the Muse!

MuseNow that the holidays are winding up we are reenergized to get back to work here at Pulp Literature!  We are tidying up the stories for Issue 10, collecting entries for both our Bumblebee Microfiction Contest and our Songbird Cover Painting Contest, and preparing for a busy year of publishing for 2016.

Before that, however, we are privileged to be able to take three days and do what we love most, and what brought the three of us together: write.

old dormWe are writers first and foremost, and this is the weekend we remind ourselves of that.  From January 8-10 we will be on Bowen Island, nurturing our Muses with good food, stimulating company, luxurious rooms, and restful surroundings while we write.  Throughout the year we are diligent about writing together almost every week, but this weekend is our gift to the Muse.  While Dan, Julia, and the wonderful staff of The Lodge at the Old Dorm pamper us we can devote our energy towards words on the page, as well as supporting our fellow writers and revelling in the stories that will be told around the fireplace.breakfast

This year we are delighted to be joined by five other amazing writers who are at various stages in their careers.  There is space for one more writer, or two if you wish to share a twin-bedded room.  If you would like to join us for this nourishing, soul-refreshing start to the New Year email info@pulpliterature.com, or sign up on the Writing Retreats page, and renew your vows to your muse with us this year.

Happy New Year and Happy Writing!

Jen, Mel & Sue

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