Built to Love – JJ Lee


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What I am about to tell you is a human form of literature known as memoir.  Because of its fragmented nature and brevity, it can also be understood as a collection of reminiscences.  Some of what I have to relate precedes my consciousness and has been pieced together over the years from information at data hubs that have survived the Ursine Ascendancy of 2025.

I was produced in 2016 at the Glorious Heaven International Toy Factory in Shenzhen, China.  I am primarily the creation of Major Bao Baotong.  He worked in the Advanced Unmanned Artificial Intelligence Aerial Vehicle Programme.  It fell under the command of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force’s 9th Fighter Division at Yuen Long Airbase.  The 9th owned the factory.  When circumstances allowed, for pleasure, Major Bao collaborated with the toy product design team at GHIT Factory.

read the entire story in Pulp Literature Issue No. 2, Spring 2014.