Our Team

Editors – in – Chief

Jennifer Landels

Jennifer Landels is the Managing Editor of Pulp Literature.  She holds a BA in Mediaeval English Literature from UBC and may some day return to her doctorate in Arthurian Romance at University College London.  She has been a freelance editor since 2003, and co-founded Pulp Literature Press in 2013. She is a frequent lecturer, blue penciller, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator at local writing events such as Write Vancouver, the Golden Ears Writers Lobby Nights, The Royal City Literary Arts Society, VCON, and the Creative Ink Festival.  She has travelled to France, Germany, the UK, and the US to speak and teach at conferences. In addition to her literary activities she also teaches swordplay from horseback at Academie Duello at Cornwall Ridge Equestrian in Langley BC. Her debut novel, Allaigna’s Song: Overture was an Amazon bestseller, and the sequel Aria is due out in early 2020.

Mel Anastasiou

Mel is a senior acquisitions editor with Pulp Literature and co-founded Pulp Literature magazine in 2013. Mel helps writers develop through structural editing, an online writing tips column for the Pulp Literature homepage, the popular ‘Writing Muse’ twitter feed, and two workbooks, The Writer’s Boon Companion: Thirty Days Toward and Extraordinary Manuscript, and The Writer’s Friend and Confidante.  Her fiction includes the Hertfordshire Pub Mysteries, the Monument Studio Mysteries, and the Stella Ryman Mysteries, the first volume of which series won a Literary Titan Gold book award and was longlisted for the Leacock Medal.

Susan Pieters

Sue is a short story and novel writer who was part of the founding team for Pulp Literature, and one of her stories can be found in every issue. Sue has an MA in English Literature, but considers her experience as editor for the magazine to have been worth far more than any diploma. She invites (nay, challenges!) other writers to join the party and get their feet wet by volunteering for the magazine.

Acquisitions Editor

Jessica Fabrizius

Jessica holds undergraduate degrees in English Literature and Gender Studies, and a masters in Publishing Science. It’s thanks to that last one that she was taken into the warm embrace of Pulp Literature Press. It’s also thanks to that last one that she has one of those pesky “day jobs”. She has a penchant for writing sad cat stories, a desire to read (and publish) things off the beaten path, and finds solace in both squat and oven racks.

Poetry Editors 

Daniel Cowper

Daniel Cowper is from Bowen Island, BC. After studying medieval literature, philosophy, and law in Vancouver, Manhattan, and Toronto, Daniel is building a cabin on Bowen Island. Daniel’s poetry has appeared in Arc Poetry, Literary Review of Canada, Prairie Fire, Vallum, and other reviews and anthologies in Canada, the US, and Ireland. Daniel is the author of The God of Doors, published in 2017 as co-winner of Frog Hollow Press’s Chapbook Contest, and Grotesque Tenderness, published in 2019 by McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Emily Osborne 

Emily Osborne is the author of the poetry chapbook Biometrical (Anstruther Press, 2018) and the forthcoming book of Old Norse to English verse translations, Quarrel of Arrows (Junction Books, 2020). She is the winner of The Malahat Review’s Far Horizons Award for Poetry 2018, and her poetry has been published in CV2, The Malahat Review, Barren Magazine, Canthius, The Literary Review of Canada and elsewhere. She earned a PhD in Old Norse-Icelandic Literature from the University of Cambridge and held a postdoctoral fellowship in medieval literature and linguistics at The University of British Columbia. 

Assistant Editors

Genevieve Wynand

Genevieve Wynand holds a BA in Psychology and English Literature from Simon Fraser University. When she began post-baccalaureate coursework in Political Science, she realized her favourite part was editing her essays. That inspiration led her to SFU’s Continuing Studies Editing program. She is delighted to be a member of the Pulp Lit team and that, under the guise of ‘research’, she can continue to add to her already-groaning bookshelves. Her articles about life as an introvert can be found on Introvert, Dear

Samantha Olson

Samantha Olson is a first year student at the University of Victoria pursuing a bachelor of arts in creative writing with a minor in business. She hopes to one day have the means to live off the grid in the middle of nowhere writing stories that get published and cataloguing plants in the woods. Until then, Sam enjoys collecting antiquarian books, drinking tea, and pretending that thinking about writing is the same as actually cranking out ten thousand words a day. 


Copy Editor and Layout Designer

Amanda Bidnall

Amanda Bidnall is a professional writer and editor. She has edited more than 100 novels, dissertations, non-fiction works, and short stories for individual clients as well as online and traditional presses. As a freelance writer, she researches and writes creative strategic and fundraising documents for the University of British Columbia. She has also worked as an instructor and online course author for Simon Fraser University. She received her PhD in History from Boston College in 2010, and her historical monograph, The West Indian Generation: Remaking British Culture in London, 1945–1965, is forthcoming from Liverpool University Press (2017). Her mission in all this work is to find the story in everything.


Mary Rykov

Mary H. Auerbach Rykov is a Toronto music therapist-researcher, editor, educator, and writer. She holds a PhD in Adult Education (OISE/UT), an MA in music therapy (New York University), and has studied short story with Alyssa York and poetry, formally and informally, with Don Summerhayes, Ken Babstock, Kenneth Sherman, Stuart Ross, Marilyn Dumont, Steven Heighton and Lillian Allen.

Mary’s poetry, fiction, and non-fiction appears or is forthcoming in literary, academic, and professional venues such as Literary Review of Canada, Crap Orgasm, The Caribbean Writer, Canadian Notes & Queries, Numéro Cinq, The Windsor Review, Carousel, Journal of Health Psychology, Canadian Journal of Music Therapy, Journal of Palliative Care, The Arts and Psychotherapy, Ars Medica — and Pulp Literature. Mary serves as proofreader on the Pulp Literature masthead and freelances as a writing mentor and editor in multiple genres. She has been a League of Canadian Poets Associate since 2010.

Board of Directors

Mel Anastasiou – Chair

Jennifer Landels – Treasurer

Susan Pieters – Secretary

Janet Eastwood – Director at Large

Jasmin Nyack – Communications Director

Moving from a career as a film makeup artist, Jasmin Nyack has taking on the task of being a creative writer. Well-equipped with tools and experience gained in the makeup world, she knows how to use social media to find audiences and how to find trends. Currently taking courses at Langara College for an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing, Jasmin widens her understanding of the written world as well as looking into the humanities. She writes short stories, novels, and screen plays, all of them exploring different voices.  Through studying the art of storytelling and the role narratives play in our everyday lives, Jasmin hopes to bring stories to all walks of life.  She is currently the communications director for Pulp Literature Press.


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