Top Ten Brill Reasons

Top Ten Reasons

to visit Something Novel right now and support your sweatstained Pulp Literature team on Kickstarter.

Reason #10

“Because I don’t want to carry around the collected works of Eudora Welty.”

Reason #9

“Because it fits in my bag and looks gorgeous while I read it on the train.”

Reason #8

“Because the pages feel smooth and beautiful.”

Reason #7

“Because it I can give it to my friends or leave it on my coffee table to show off.”

Reason #6

“Because I want to read different types of stories from all genres, as long as they’re all well told.”

Reason #5

“Because they give me an exquisite illustration to showcase every story.”

Reason #4

“Because it’s about darned time that a magazine works so hard to pay its writers.”

Reason #3

“Because the editors read every story they get, emerging and established.”

Reason #2

“Because it’s the only Canadian magazine that publishes all genres.”

Reason #1

“Because the editors want their writers and artists to succeed and will do everything they can to help them.”

Go Pulp Literature!  We want to publish not only your superbly written short stories but novels as well, and we’re putting up ours to Kickstart the boutique genre press.  Pulp Spec, Pulp Steam, Pulp Fantasy, Pulp Mystery, Pulp Historica … Get it here!

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