Top 10 Reasons to Support the Pulp Literature Kickstarter Campaign

With 10 days left in the kickstarter campaign, here are the top 10 reasons to throw your chips into the pot:

10.  You have a philanthropic nature and want to support a new creator-friendly publishing platform.

9. You have $10 to spend on entertainment: half of that will get you an ebook full of stories, and you can spend the rest on a beer.

8. Christmas is coming and you can take care of your list with a whole bunch of subscriptions.

7.  There is nowhere else to get a limited edition JJ Lee paper doll, complete with 6 separate outfits!paper doll preview

6. You would look stunning drawn in Renaissance costume by Mel Anastasiou and printed in the first issue of Pulp Literature.

5. There is nowhere else to read these gorgeous, funny, thrilling, amazing multi-genre stories by CC Humphreys, JJ Lee, Susanna Kearsley and Joan McLeod.

4.  We’ve just added Jack Whyte to the above list!

3.  Graphic novels!

2.  Dancing, drinking, eating and SWORDFIGHTING at the launch party at Academie Duello.

1. You are a writer or artist and want a new creator-friendly publishing platform for your work.

Pick a reason, any reason, but you’ve only got 10 days!  Head on over to the kickstarter page now:

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