Too Much Stuff in the Basement, No Room For It.

Blackthorne&Dire“Too much stuff in the basement, no room for it.” – Susan Pieters, Glass Curtain

Time management is a brilliant phrase. Encouraging.  We have time, and it’s in our control.  Or,  A place for everything and everything in its place.

Writers who take an interest in time management ideas such as the Pareto Principle (for example, 80% of a project’s progress tends to happen in 20% of the time we spend on it, or, 20% of participants do 80% of the work), are already a long way towards greater use of the day to advance our writing careers.  We aren’t closing the basement door on our worries about using time to its best effect.  We’re developing our relationship with small and large segments of time, and so, if we’re smart, we’re also working on our attitude to time.  It’s with us 24/7, so to speak, so we’d better do our best to get along.

That means we try not to say (as I did about an hour ago) I don’t have time.  This not a kind thing to say about your day.  It may be true, but it’s not kind.  Much better to think, How lucky that there are a whole 24 hours in every day.  How right our mothers are to say that politeness gets us a lot further in our lives than critical words.  This holds true even when only our wristwatch can overhear us.

Have another brilliant writing day.



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