Time Management, Superpower

smallsuperpowerHow lucky we are to wake up in the morning knowing that today we get to do the work we love.

Writers are fortunate in this, because even if all we have is a stub of pencil and the reverse side of a power bill, we can do the work. Nobody can make us do it, but equally nobody can stop us. Nothing can – except lack of time. For writers, like everybody, have what can feel like unlimited duties to feed our own needs and those of others.

Given our busy lives, a writing career looks like a daunting challenge. All those words. All that outlining, drafting, revising, selling. How can writers fit full-time writing careers inside the full-time lives we all lead?

Only 24 hours in a day is a threat. But a whole 24 hours every day is a promise. Because time can be, to a great extent, under our control.
More next time on making time subject to our will. What a useful superpower.

Have another brilliant writing day.

Cheers  Mel

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