Time Management and The Writing Life


How we manage our time as full-time writers within our full-time lives is a story rich in conflict and joy. Like any good tale it depends on having heroes who face challenges (our writing selves) and upon transformation.  Into what?

Into writers who wake up each morning knowing we are privileged to do the work we love.

Even those of us who haven’t made a penny yet can and do behave as the people we want to be:  successful authors with generous attitudes and thriving careers.  Here are four ways we do this:

  1. Successful people give back, so we buy books, support circles of writers, and encourage our colleagues.
  2. We are pleased to give up time-sucking empty entertainments in order to have drafting time, and to keep learning our craft with an intensity of interest.
  3. We buckle down to learn new skills, even ones we never dreamed we’d need, like marketing.
  4. We have a long-term plan for the projects we are engaged with and the ventures we envision.

This world stage of publishing is a busy and crowded one.  How lucky we are that there are so many writers out here, because happiness loves company, and because writers are readers too.

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