The Digital Sampler: your no-risk reward

issue-13-cover-smallWant to try an eBook issue of Pulp Literature with a no-money-down guarantee?

Back our Kickstarter campaign at the $5 Digital Sampler level, and post a comment saying which back issue from 1 – 12 you’d like to sample.  We’ll send you the digital version before the campaign finishes (if it’s issue 13 you’d like, you’ll need to wait till it’s released in mid – December).

Here’s our guarantee:  if you don’t love the issue you can withdraw your campaign pledge before November 28th.  Because Kickstarter doesn’t charge your credit card till the campaign is over, there will be absolutely no cost to you.

coverlineup-3However, we think you’ll love it, and want to subscribe to a full year or more.  And here’s the sweetest part of the deal:  increase your pledge to $15 and get a full year subscription.  That’s almost $3 off the regular price of $17.99 for four big issues.  Better yet, add another $10 for each additional year, which makes the price better and better.  Here’s the math:

  • 1 issue: $5
  • 4 issues: $15 / $3.75 per issue
  • 8 issues: $25 / $3.13 per issue
  • 12 issues: $35 / $2.92 per issue
  • 16 issues: $45 / $2.81 per issue

And so on …

These issues can be individually selected back issues going back as far as you like, or an ongoing subscription from any point.  You can also give some or all of the issues as a gift subscription.  This is the most à la carte, open-ended, and risk free offer we have, so make the most of it and subscribe now for pocket change per issue!



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