Thanking our Printer

After receiving our sixth beautiful issue of Pulp Literature, we’d like once more to acknowledge the fabulous work done by First Choice Books in Victoria, BC.

If you’re an indie author, you’ll understand exactly why we’re grateful to have a real publishing house handing our books.  Many indie authors who received printed copies of their books from print-on-demand services will tell you the same story.  They thought they had their book proofread and loaded, they thought they loved their cover, but when they got their book in the mail, it just looked … self-published.  That over-used font, that too-large gap between lines, the thick paper and too-glossy cover — it all added up to an unprofessional image.

When Pulp Literature was looking for a professional printer to give our magazine the edge it needed in a tight literary niche, we got many quotes, from local and overseas printers.  We wanted to keep production here in BC, but as a start-up with low print runs we were very cost sensitive.  First Choice gave us a price that allowed us to keep the work done locally without breaking the bank.  Not until we held our first 500 beautifully bound copies in our hands did we realize what a treasure we had found.  Six issues into the game, we are still impressed with every aspect of their process, from quote, to proof copy, to the final shipment at our door.

If you think this sounds like an ad, it’s not.  because First Choice has become part of our team. When we launched a second Kickstarter campaign, they campaigned alongside us, posting our updates, running ads, and offering advice and support along the way.  Staff members even backed us. They clearly have been doing more than printing our books; they’ve been reading them. They like us. They’re helping promote us, which is not something businesses do freely these days.

Which is why we’re posting to thank Melanie, Patrick and their team.  First Choice a large part of what makes us look fantastic on the bookstore shelf and in our readers’ hands.

first choice

Issue 6 is packaged and ready to hit the post office tomorrow.  Look for your print copies in the mail soon!

2 thoughts on “Thanking our Printer

  1. I so agree about First Choice Books. We’ve used First Choice Books for the anthologies published by the Fraser Valley Poets Society and last winter four of us local writers went together to publish a poetry anthology. They did a gorgeous job for us bringing to life our vision of a book with creamy paper, bookmark flaps, and a matte finished cover. They also gave affordable help with the cover layout. I would use them again in a heartbeat!

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