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2019 Year of Authors: September 16th – 20th

It’s not every year you get to celebrate publishing 20 issues of genre-busting literature. We want our readers to reap the rewards, and our contributors to shine in the spotlight, so every week we have been offering up a selection of deeply discounted past issues, based on one of the authors, poets, or artists whose work fills the magazine’s pages. Perhaps we’ve saved the best for last, but that’ll be up for you to decide. Please raise your glasses to week 36, the final week of Pulp Literature’s Year of Authors!

16th – 20th September 2019

Monday: Valentina Cano, Issue 7

Valentina Cano is a student of classical singing who spends whatever free time she has either reading or writing. She also watches over a veritable army of pets. Her work has appeared in numerous publications and her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best Of the Web.


Tuesday: Wally Swist, Issue 7
Wally Swist has produced over three dozen books and chapbooks of poetry and prose.  His poems have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies, such as Alaska Quarterly Review and Spiritus, the latter issued by Johns Hopkins University Press, as well as popular magazines such as Rolling Stone and Yankee. Readings of his work are online at National Public Radio and Sahara: A Journal of New England Poetry published a special issue devoted to his work in the winter of 2003.  His recent books include The Bees of the Invisible (Shanti Arts) and A Bird Who Seems to Know Me: Poems Regarding Birds & Nature (Ex Ophidia Press).


Wednesday: William Charles Brock, Issue  14
William Charles Brock lives in LA, where he writes mostly screenplays but occasionally does short stories as a break. He enjoys weird things, like talking polar bears and dragons.


Thursday: William Kaufmann, Issue 17

William Kaufmann’s passion for writing is matched only by his passion for clay. He is an award-winning potter working in Western Wisconsin. His recently completed first novel, The Change, won the 2017 SDSU Conference Choice Award and is being shopped by Trident Media for publication.

Issue 17 cover featuring stellar artwork by Britt-Lise Newstead

Friday: Zoran Pekovic, Issue  13
Zoran Pekovic is illustrator, animator, ux and graphic designer kindly nested in Montreal, Canada. His portfolio is called Pekta and his latest projects are “Relationship,” “Running,” and “Psychology.”

Issue 13 cover by Zoran Pekovic

Pushcart Picks

At the end of our second year of publishing, we look back at 2015 and admire the works we have printed.  It’s a bit like when I tucked my kids into bed, and thought, what amazing creatures.   That lasted about two minutes, then I went back in and told them to go to sleep.  Fortunately, our four volumes of stories are much better behaved than my children, alice_munro_stampalthough some of the works are trying to creep off the shelves and earn international recognition …

It is my pleasure to announce five writers nominated by Pulp Literature for a Pushcart Prize, in an envelope mailed with three Alice Munro stamps for good luck.  Our nominations:

Rob Taylor, Hummingbird Award Winner,  ‘Here I Lay Down my Heart’ – Issue 5

Kate Austin,  ‘Wax-Winged Icarus’ –  Issue 6

Bob Thurber, ‘Beauty Takes Care of Itself’, and ‘The Manufacturing of Sorrow’ Issue 6

Wally Swist, ‘What is Essential’ – Issue 7

Diane Tucker, Magpie Poetry Winner, ‘Cafe Petirossa’ – Issue 8

Congratulations to all our nominees.  We hope those visiting our website will have their curiousity piqued and venture to read some of these favourites.  In every issue, there are more treasures to be had and more nominations we wished to make, were we allowed a greater limit.