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8 Reasons to enter the SiWC Writing Contest!


  1. At $15 (Canadian dollars) it’s about the cheapest contest around, yet has a $1000 prize.
  2. The winner and runner-up are offered publication in Pulp Literature alongside our 2017 feature authors!
  3. Did I mention the $1000 prize? (about $775 USD)
  4. You’ll ensure you write a finished story by the Friday, September 23rd deadline!
  5. The dozen or so shortlisted authors will be read by Diana Gabaldon and Jack Whyte, and that in itself is a reward.
  6. You’ve got good odds.  Despite the high award amount, this isn’t a well-known contest.   As far as I know, they place no paid advertisements and don’t put listings on free sites.  So lucky you for reading this blog post!
  7. Did I mention the $1000 prize?  (No wait, that’s now $800 USD…)
  8. You’ll be joining forces with a spectacular community of writers.  The “Surrey Conference” is known as the friendliest writing conference in North America, for good reason.  We highly recommend it!   (If you’re considering attending, hurry to sign up! They’ve almost sold out!)
    SiWC 2016 Contest Guidelines here!




Who Dares Wins

This motto comes from the British Special Air Service, but most writers recognize this as the catchphrase of author and speaker Bob Mayer. Bob often comes to the Surrey International Writer’s Conference, and he’s the kind of guy who blends into the crowd when it suits him. He tends to hang out at the back of rooms, and people look past him like he’s invisible, even while they feel the pull of his presence. He’s powerful and unobtrusive, like a black hole. And he’s well worth listening to.

I always thought Bob’s publishing motto was about achieving an external goal. I assumed that if I were more aggressive, more dominant, more forceful, I would “win” at getting published. Not until I stepped out into this magazine venture did I understand that the win happens the minute you dare. Winning means trying.

Who risks, wins. Who reveals, wins. Who becomes vulnerable, becomes free. Who opens his hand to Fate grasps choices. Who fears losing his life is already dead. Who keeps silent now is silent forever.2poppies colour

We should be boasting our own success after achieving our kickstarter funding, but on this Remembrance Day weekend, we want to acknowledge the veterans who risked everything. Their success cannot be measured in the win or loss of their battles, but in the courage they took in each step forward. We want to learn from them and honour them; they teach us truly, to dare is to win.