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The Digital Sampler: your no-risk reward

issue-13-cover-smallWant to try an eBook issue of Pulp Literature with a no-money-down guarantee?

Back our Kickstarter campaign at the $5 Digital Sampler level, and post a comment saying which back issue from 1 – 12 you’d like to sample.  We’ll send you the digital version before the campaign finishes (if it’s issue 13 you’d like, you’ll need to wait till it’s released in mid – December).

Here’s our guarantee:  if you don’t love the issue you can withdraw your campaign pledge before November 28th.  Because Kickstarter doesn’t charge your credit card till the campaign is over, there will be absolutely no cost to you.

coverlineup-3However, we think you’ll love it, and want to subscribe to a full year or more.  And here’s the sweetest part of the deal:  increase your pledge to $15 and get a full year subscription.  That’s almost $3 off the regular price of $17.99 for four big issues.  Better yet, add another $10 for each additional year, which makes the price better and better.  Here’s the math:

  • 1 issue: $5
  • 4 issues: $15 / $3.75 per issue
  • 8 issues: $25 / $3.13 per issue
  • 12 issues: $35 / $2.92 per issue
  • 16 issues: $45 / $2.81 per issue

And so on …

These issues can be individually selected back issues going back as far as you like, or an ongoing subscription from any point.  You can also give some or all of the issues as a gift subscription.  This is the most à la carte, open-ended, and risk free offer we have, so make the most of it and subscribe now for pocket change per issue!



Pulp Literature Subscriptions on Kickstarter

By popular request we’ve added an option for 2016 print subscriptions for Pulp Literature to our current Colouring Paradise campaign.  That way, if you love your print copies of Pulp but have no use for a printed version of the colouring book, you can still renew through Kickstarter.

Issue 8 backA print subscription of four big issues is $60, which includes postage anywhere in North America, a digital subscription you can gift to someone else, and the pdf version of the colouring book.  You can add an additional year for yourself or a gift print subscription for someone else for only $30 — that’s half price!

Subscriptions can be back-dated to include 2014 or 2015 issues (subject to availability of back issues) or can start later if your current subscription hasn’t run out yet.

For 2016 we have stories from George McWhirter, Carol Berg, Matthew Hooton, CC Humphreys and more in the works.  We have a new novella series from Mel, The Seven Swans, as well as another Stella novella, the winners of the Raven Contest, and the final chapters of Allaigna’s Song.  Don’t miss out!



Thanks to all our amazing backers our Kickstarter campaign was fully funded on Monday night!

We are amazed and humbled by the generousity of our backers, who have supported us  financially and with their valuable time.  There were so many people in our corner this time, tweeting, re-sharing, and pounding the virtual pavement on our behalf, that it would be impossible to post all their names without forgetting some.  You know who you are though, and please know that we thank you from the depth of our hearts!Issue 5 box

As icing on the wonderful cake that was yesterday, our boxes of Issue 5 arrived from First Choice Books.  Even after five issues it’s still a thrill to slice open the packing tape and reveal a stack of freshly printed books.  We can hardly wait to share them with you!

We’ll be mailing these out to subscribers on Friday or Monday, along with the packs of note cards some of you ordered.

If you missed the Kickstarter and still want to renew your subscription in time to have Issue 5 mailed to you please contact us right away!

You can subscribe or renew here, or email us at subscribe@pulpliterature.com and we will send you an invoice.Mel Summer

Once more, thank you to all of you who contributed to the Kickstarter and subscribed by conventional means.  You have helped ensure the continuation of a paying market for multi-genre fiction and great reads for the price of a beer.

Please join us as we raise our glasses to you, our supporters, and to Pulp Literature Year 2!

Jen, Mel & Sue


Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe on Kickstarter

You may be wondering why we’re asking you to subscribe or renew via our Kickstarter page, when you could just as easily hit the subscribe tab above and renew with paypal, or send us a cheque in the mail.  And believe us, if that’s how you’d rather subscribe we are more than happy to receive your hard-earned dosh in any form (except cows — we’ll barter for some things, but there’s just no more room for cows).

Still, we think you should give Kickstarter a go, and here are some reasons why:

Backer portraits

10. Fabulous Rewards!  While you can get our magazine in other ways, there are some things we only offer through the Kickstarter, such as manuscript critiques and backer portraits.   For most of the year our editors and artists are simply too busy to offer these, but for a limited time they are willing to burn the midnight oil to support the Kickstarter campaign.

9. Visibly show your support for the arts.  When you become a backer you are not just an anonymous subscriber.  We’ll print all our backer names in issue 6 of Pulp Literature (unless you ask us not to).  The campaign page itself remains visible and your name (or pseudonym) will always be attached to it, showing that you care about writing, literature, the arts, and good stories.  The backer count itself is as important as the money received in showing the world there is support for grassroots, crowdfunded arts.

Notecards by Mel Anastasiou

8. One stop Christmas shopping.  No malls, no post office line-ups!  We ship our magazines anywhere in the world, and for $10 you can add a personalized gift card.  You can send multiple gifts on a single pledge by just adding the appropriate amounts.  When we send you a survey at the end of the campaign you can let us know the details of all the recipients.

7.  A successful campaign generates buzz.   The biggest challenge new magazines face is developing name recognition.  A Kickstarter campaign gets the word out, spreads our logo and helps people remember the name.

6. Help us get a Canada Council Grant.   While we are fortunate in Canada to have grants for the arts, initial funding is hard to secure.  The arbiters want to see a solid financial base, and having the 2015 finances in place will do just that.

5. Save $$. There are plenty of discounts to be had on the Kickstarter page

  • old dormSave a buck on your ebook subscription.  Regular $17.99, $17 on Kickstarter
  • Get 50% off year 2 when you buy the year 1 back issues: 8 issues for $60 instead of $80
  • Critiques are roughly half off regular rates
  • Save $10 on an Hour Stories workshop
  • Save $100 by booking your writing retreat before Dec 2nd!

4. Paying Writers and Artists.  Our writers are paid 50% on publication and 50% when the sales targets for an issue are reached.  By purchasing back issues and new subscriptions through the kickstarter you are bumping up the sales and helping us pay writers and artists sooner.

3.  Free ebooks.  All our print magazine rewards on the Kickstarter page come with free ebooks or digital subscriptions that you can ask us to give to a friend if you don’t read ebooks.pulp pile

2.  Karma.  Supporting the arts and putting money towards something you enjoy or appreciate is just good karma.  Even a $1 donation helps fill up your karmic piggybank!

1. These are stories you won’t forget. Enjoy them.   And enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you’ve helped us bring them to your doorstep for another year.

If all these reasons don’t convince you to sign in to Kickstarter, we understand completely.   A paper bag of crumpled notes stuffed through the mailbox will still get you a subscription … as long as your name and address is on it somewhere.  Just easy on the cows, okay?

Binge-reading Special

pulp pileTo celebrate the launch of issue 4 we are offering a special on the complete set of Pulp Literature Year 1!

Normally back issues are $15, but between now and October 1st you can get the first four print issues of Pulp for only $35.

To take advantage of this offer please fill in this form and enter ‘Omnibus Offer’ in the subject line.  We will send you a paypal invoice for $35 plus shipping.*


*Shipping is free within Canada.  $12 for USA, $24 overseas.

Just a heads up that due to increased mailing costs (thanks, Canada Post) the cost of a print subscription within Canada will be going from $32 to $35 per year.  Foreign subscriptions will face a similar increase.  We’re very sorry to have to do this!

However, you still have a week to get subscriptions at the old price!  Use the paypal link on the right or email us at subscribe@pulpliterature.com.