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The Writer’s Delight

Wondering what to give the writer in your life?  Look no further than Something Novel where you’ll find …

The Writer’s Delight

Limited Reward!  Jam-packed with Writing Value. You receive:book &Pen small

  •  The Writer’s Boon Companion, the motivating, illustrated 30-day writing guide
  • a detailed critique of up to 1000 words of your short story or work in progress by one of the Pulp Lit editors.
  • A print subscription to Pulp Literature (Additional back issues or years of Pulp Literature can be added for $25 per four issues.)
  • Allaigna’s Song: Overture
  • Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries.

This is a steal of a deal at the $100 reward level.  But hurry! There are only 9 left!

Looking for more great gift ideas?  Head on over to Something NovelWe even send gift cards!3-notecards

Time Management for Writers: Self Motivation

polycarpSelf-motivation is one of the great time management tools available to writers, and one of the most pleasant to employ.  If you’re geared up, it’s far easier to sit your butt in that chair and type.

One powerful way to self-motivate is to take a minute to contemplate our greater goals.  Picture the ideal life you want.  Spend a little time with the writer you intend to be — the writers you really are.  How will you spend your days?

The bigger the goal, the more challenging and meaningful it is.  As writers we can envision reaching it, without worrying about how we’ll take every step along the way.  Maybe we’ll have to slog every step, but writers love writing, so that’s completely okay.  Or maybe, from time to time, fortune will shine on us, through an opportunity for swift advancement that a writer’s hard work has readied each of us to accept.

If a career goal is our true desire, and if we can picture ourselves winning it, then the small steps we take towards it have more meaning.  And they may be more fun, especially if thinking about that red carpet to a writing nomination at the Oscars is on your mind, or a signing, or a great big royalty cheque.  Our goal may well be to write while smiling broadly.   These are the working moments when a writer feels as if time stands still, and (I smile as I type) it’s truly amazing how much we can get done when it feels like time stands still.

With a great attitude and steady incremental preparation, we are a long way towards creating the author’s life we want and deserve.

I hope it’s another brilliant writing day for you.



For more inspiration from Mel, check out The Writer’s Boon Companion available till December 1st only on Something Novel.

Art Collector’s Delight

All right, this is the uber mega reward.  For the true art lover who wants to be a patron of the arts by supporting Something Novel on Kickstarter at the $1000 level, you score a beautiful piece of original art by Mel Anastasiou.

Only 1 available!

Two for Joy, by Mel Anastasiou.

“To complete a composition of this size, with a fair amount of complexity, and smile while I work on it late into the night … the secret is to love every tiny line.”
– Mel Anastasiou

This signed16″ x 24″ pen and ink composition is drawn on high-quality acid-free paper and is suitable for framing.  Plus the lucky backer who pledges for this reward will get all the perks of the Collector’s Delight and a thank-you card from Mel.  That includes

  • All 12 print back issues of Pulp Literature  plus a 1-year print subcription.
  • Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries by Mel Anastasiou
  • Allaigna’s Song: Overture by JM Landels
  • The Writer’s Boon Companion by Mel Anastasiou
  • A complete collection of printable notecards from Mel
  • The option to swap the Art Lover’s Delight for the Collector’s Delight and have a portrait drawn by Mel.
detail from Two for Joy

There’s only one reward at this level, but here’s where to get other great rewards:  Kickstarter’s Pulp Literature Press, Something Novel.


This is huge support for Pulp Literature Press.  $1000.00 covers a quarter of printing and distribution costs for our first two novels, and lets us get the ball rolling for this brand new  publishing house.

What does the funding go towards?

The funds we raise through this Kickstarter campaign will pay for creative costs, production, marketing, and distribution to deliver Stella Ryman & The Fairmount Manor Mysteries and Allaigna’s Song: Overture into your hands.

  • Creative Costs: These include hiring a graphic designer, copy-editor, and proofreader for each book, plus the cost of new cover paintings for Allaigna and Stella by Melissa Mary Duncan and Kris Sayer.  Mel and Jen have contributed their texts at no cost to the project and will only get paid through royalties.
  • Printing & Distribution:  Books for the Canadian market will be printed locally at First Choice Books in Victoria BC, while international markets will be served by local print-on-demand services to reduce both shipping times and our carbon footprint.
  • Reward Fulfillment: This includes costs of rewards outside printing and distribution of the novels.
  • Marketing: We have allotted $1000 per book for marketing both during the campaign and afterwards to make sure these novels reach the eyes of readers like you around the world.
  • Kickstarter Fees: 3-5% of the funds go to credit card processing fees, and 5% of the money raised stays with Kickstarter to support the platform and make crowdfunding like this possible.

Top 10 Reasons to Renew on Kickstarter

You may be wondering why we’re asking you to subscribe or renew via our Something Novel Kickstarter page, when you could just as easily hit the subscribe tab above and renew with paypal, or send us a cheque in the mail.  And believe us, if that’s how you’d rather subscribe we are more than happy to receive your hard-earned dosh in any form (except cows — we’ll barter for some things, but there’s just no more room for cows).

Still, we think you should give Kickstarter a go, and here are some reasons why:


10. Fabulous Rewards!  While you can get our magazine in other ways, there are some things we only offer through the Kickstarter, such as manuscript critiques and backer portraits.   For most of the year our editors and artists are simply too busy to offer these, but for a limited time they are willing to burn the midnight oil to support the Kickstarter campaign.

9. Visibly show your support for the arts.  When you become a backer you are not just an anonymous subscriber.  We’ll print all our backer names in issue 14 of Pulp Literature (unless you ask us not to).  The campaign page itself remains visible and your name (or pseudonym) will always be attached to it, showing that you care about writing, literature, the arts, and good stories.  The backer count itself is as important as the money received in showing the world there is support for grassroots, crowdfunded arts.

8. Gifts for every backer.  Every backer receives downloadable files for these beautiful notecards.  And for each additional 50 backers who join in, we add another card to the collections.


7. One stop Christmas shopping.  No malls, no post office line-ups!  We ship our magazines and books anywhere in the world, and for an extra $7 we will hand write and mail a card to the recipient of your choice.  You can send multiple gifts on a single pledge by just adding the appropriate amounts.  When we send you a survey at the end of the campaign you can let us know the details of all the recipients.

6.  A successful campaign generates buzz.   The biggest challenge small magazines face is developing name recognition.  A Kickstarter campaign gets the word out, spreads our logo and helps people remember the name.

5. Help launch a new Canadian publishing house.   Not only can you be among the first to receive Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries and Allaigna’s Song Overture, you’ll be helping us set foot onto the book publishing stage.  The success of these novels opens the door for us to accept new manuscripts for 2017 and 2018.stella-allaigna-2-small

4. Save $$$. There are plenty of discounts to be had on the Kickstarter page

  • Save $3 your ebook subscription – $15 for a year and $10 for each subsequent year.  Those are prices that can’t be beat.
  • A small number of copies of Colouring Paradise our Renaissance-inspired colouring book are on offer for 1/3 off the regular price.
  • Critiques are roughly half off regular rates.boon-cover-leather
  • Reward bundles like the Reader’s Delight, Writer’s Delight and Collector’s delight offer significant discounts.

4. Inspiration for Writers.  The beautiful and helpful Writer’s Boon Companion is only available through the Kickstarter at the moment.  Steam-power your writing to the next level!

3.  Free ebooks.  All our print magazine and novel rewards on the Kickstarter page come with free ebooks or digital subscriptions that you can ask us to give to a friend and spread the joy.

2.  Karma.  Supporting the arts and putting money towards something you enjoy or appreciate is just good karma.  Even a $1 donation helps fill up your karmic piggybank!pulp pile

1. These are stories you won’t forget. Enjoy them.   And enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you’ve helped us bring them to your doorstep for another year.


If all these reasons don’t convince you to sign in to Kickstarter, we understand completely.   A paper bag of crumpled notes stuffed through the mailbox will still get you a subscription … as long as your name and address is on it somewhere.  Just easy on the cows, okay?


Art Lover’s Delight

Every time we run a Kickstarter Mel generously offers to do beautiful portraits for a few lucky backers, and this year is no different.  This year there are only five Art Lover’s Delight rewards available on the Something Novel page.

Portraits by Mel
Author portraits by Mel

Art Lover’s Delight – Only 5 available! 

  • An 8.5 x 11″ pen and ink portrait of yourself or a loved one in Mel’s breathtaking renaissance style
  • A fun set of limited edtion JJ Lee paper dolls by Kris Sayer created for our first Kickstarter campaign back in 2013!
  • One of the few remaining print copies of Colouring Paradise.
  • A one-year print subscription to Pulp Literature.
  • Both novels: Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries and Allaigna’s Song: Overture.
  • The Writer’s Boon Companion illustrated 30-day writing journal
  • All this plus free shipping at the $500 level!
A 2015 Backer portrait

All of Mel’s customers have been delighted with their Renaissance-themed portraits.

As Mel says, “Like the Renaissance painters who are my first inspirations, I try to give good value, and at the $500 level I include intricate backgrounds and favourite themes in an intriguing composition.”mel-bubbly

Update! There are now only four of these rewards left on the Kickstarter.  Here’s where to get a one for yourself along with other great rewards:  Pulp Literature Press, Something Novel.



Wow, Something Novel is halfway funded thanks to our extraordinarily generous backers!  But we still have half to go in just under two weeks.  If you haven’t yet taken a look at the fabulous rewards we have for readers and writers head over to the campaign now.  And please remember to share it widely with your book-loving friends to support a brand new fiction imprint!


Creative Writer’s Delight $150

pen2smallHere’s where to get more great rewards: Pulp Literature Press, Something Novel.

Creative Writer’s Delight

The Creative Writer’s Delight package is jam-packed with rewards for writers:

  • boontitlepagesmallThe Writer’s Boon Companion, a 30 day pocket guide to writing
  • a critique of up to 1000 words of your short story or work in progress.
  • A print subscription to Pulp Literature
  • Allaigna’s Song: Overture
  • Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries.
  • plus, full membership  to the Creative Ink Literary Festival from 31 March to 2 April 2017 in Burnaby, BC.  Don’t miss this amazing conference for writers, readers, and artists! There are only 3 available.
  • All these awards plus a festival membership for only $150!
  • Additional back issues or years of Pulp Literature can be added for $25 per four issues.

 Here’s where to get more great rewards: Pulp Literature Press, Something Novel.

Beat the Mid-November Blues

confidante-smallWriting is often a lonely business by necessity.  After all, it most often comes down to you and the blank page, and company is at best a distraction and at worst a hindrance.  But what if you had a quiet friend and confidante who was silent when you needed silence, yet ready with suggestions and words of encouragement when you need them most?

We introduce to you The Writer’s Friend and Confidante, a journal in which you’ll find thirty days of inspiration, tips and exercises, timely advice for each act of your story, and images to feed your eye and make you smile when you approach every lily-pale page.


Best of all, we’re offering this workbook as a thank you gift to everyone who backs our Something Novel Kickstarter Campaign before November 16th.

So if you’re feeling the mid-month NaNoWriMo lag, you’re fresh out ideas, or your novel needs an ending, ask The Writer’s Friend and Confidante for timely and helpful advice.

Top Ten Brill Reasons

Top Ten Reasons

to visit Something Novel right now and support your sweatstained Pulp Literature team on Kickstarter.

Reason #10

“Because I don’t want to carry around the collected works of Eudora Welty.”

Reason #9

“Because it fits in my bag and looks gorgeous while I read it on the train.”

Reason #8

“Because the pages feel smooth and beautiful.”

Reason #7

“Because it I can give it to my friends or leave it on my coffee table to show off.”

Reason #6

“Because I want to read different types of stories from all genres, as long as they’re all well told.”

Reason #5

“Because they give me an exquisite illustration to showcase every story.”

Reason #4

“Because it’s about darned time that a magazine works so hard to pay its writers.”

Reason #3

“Because the editors read every story they get, emerging and established.”

Reason #2

“Because it’s the only Canadian magazine that publishes all genres.”

Reason #1

“Because the editors want their writers and artists to succeed and will do everything they can to help them.”

Go Pulp Literature!  We want to publish not only your superbly written short stories but novels as well, and we’re putting up ours to Kickstart the boutique genre press.  Pulp Spec, Pulp Steam, Pulp Fantasy, Pulp Mystery, Pulp Historica … Get it here!

The Digital Sampler: your no-risk reward

issue-13-cover-smallWant to try an eBook issue of Pulp Literature with a no-money-down guarantee?

Back our Kickstarter campaign at the $5 Digital Sampler level, and post a comment saying which back issue from 1 – 12 you’d like to sample.  We’ll send you the digital version before the campaign finishes (if it’s issue 13 you’d like, you’ll need to wait till it’s released in mid – December).

Here’s our guarantee:  if you don’t love the issue you can withdraw your campaign pledge before November 28th.  Because Kickstarter doesn’t charge your credit card till the campaign is over, there will be absolutely no cost to you.

coverlineup-3However, we think you’ll love it, and want to subscribe to a full year or more.  And here’s the sweetest part of the deal:  increase your pledge to $15 and get a full year subscription.  That’s almost $3 off the regular price of $17.99 for four big issues.  Better yet, add another $10 for each additional year, which makes the price better and better.  Here’s the math:

  • 1 issue: $5
  • 4 issues: $15 / $3.75 per issue
  • 8 issues: $25 / $3.13 per issue
  • 12 issues: $35 / $2.92 per issue
  • 16 issues: $45 / $2.81 per issue

And so on …

These issues can be individually selected back issues going back as far as you like, or an ongoing subscription from any point.  You can also give some or all of the issues as a gift subscription.  This is the most à la carte, open-ended, and risk free offer we have, so make the most of it and subscribe now for pocket change per issue!