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8 Reasons to enter the SiWC Writing Contest!


  1. At $15 (Canadian dollars) it’s about the cheapest contest around, yet has a $1000 prize.
  2. The winner and runner-up are offered publication in Pulp Literature alongside our 2017 feature authors!
  3. Did I mention the $1000 prize? (about $775 USD)
  4. You’ll ensure you write a finished story by the Friday, September 23rd deadline!
  5. The dozen or so shortlisted authors will be read by Diana Gabaldon and Jack Whyte, and that in itself is a reward.
  6. You’ve got good odds.  Despite the high award amount, this isn’t a well-known contest.   As far as I know, they place no paid advertisements and don’t put listings on free sites.  So lucky you for reading this blog post!
  7. Did I mention the $1000 prize?  (No wait, that’s now $800 USD…)
  8. You’ll be joining forces with a spectacular community of writers.  The “Surrey Conference” is known as the friendliest writing conference in North America, for good reason.  We highly recommend it!   (If you’re considering attending, hurry to sign up! They’ve almost sold out!)
    SiWC 2016 Contest Guidelines here!




The Art of Seeing

Today all three Pulp Literature editors were treated to an advance presentation by local author and photographer, Sandra Vander Schaaf. “The Art of Seeing” ties together Sandra’s love of tango, stories and visual arts. Some topical teasers:Sandra_Vander_Schaff

  • Why an invitation to dance is like an invitation to story.
  • How the composition of a photo is like the details of your       setting, and why you notice what you do.
  • How the unexpected is the key to story.
  • How to capture and describe emotions in the flesh.
  • How to become invisible as an author, and why that’s important.

Sandra packed a lot into 90 minutes, and we encourage     everyone to attend Sandra’s workshop next weekend at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference.  You won’t want to miss is it!

In related fabulous news Sandra will also be giving her workshop at  our Bowen Island Writer’s Retreat in January 2015, available through our Kickstarter rewards!