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Pulp Literature Advent Calendar ~ 5 December

With twenty-four fabulous back issues, one to mark each day of Advent, we hope to share with you the joy and magic of the season. When you purchase an issue on its corresponding day on our Advent Calendar, not only will you be collecting great literature, but you will also receive a special gift.

Today is the fifth day of Advent, and the issue that holds the secret prize is Issue 5, Winter 2015

In our fifth issue of Pulp Literature Magazine:

  • We dare you to be held captive by Eileen Kernaghan’s ‘The Robber Maiden’s Story’, and then try to escape alongside the intrepid Stella Ryman as she attempts a jailbreak in The Four Digit Puzzle by Mel Anastasiou.
  • Next, travel by boat and by bus to places you’d rather not go, with the fantastical ‘Polycarp on the Sea’ by Stephen Case and the gritty detective Finley in ‘The Pledge’ by Donald Dewey.
  • Three pulp poems by Mark J Mitchell will prepare you for the cruel transformations of ‘Thlush-a-lum’ by Rebecca Gomez Farrell and ‘Some Say the World Will End in Fire’ by R Daniel Lester.
  • These are followed by a few stories of wishing for more, in ‘A Discussion of Keats’s Negative Capability’ by Susan Pieters and Margaret Kingsbury’s ‘The Longing is Green when Branches are Trees’.
  • A treat lies in store as we publish the winners of the first annual Hummingbird Prize for Flash Fiction, followed by the short, sharp horror cartoon ‘Bait’ by Kris Sayer.
  • For dessert, we hope you’ve saved room for the next installment of Allaigna’s Song. It’s the perfect way to round out a good family feast.
  • All this beneath a beautiful new cover entitled “Fondly Remembered Magic” by our first cover artist Melissa Mary Duncan.

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And if fear of missing out has you worried, we have a super offer for you:  buy our complete six-year collection in print or digital form at any point during the 24 days before Christmas, and you’ll receive all the bonus gifts!

As we begin this holiday season and our look back at the great issues of the past, I feel the same suspense I did as a child, knowing that with each day comes the treasure of the season’s familiar comforts and of the unexpected surprises along the way.

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Aurora Nominee Melissa Mary Duncan

Congratulations to Melissa Mary Duncan. She is nominated in the Best Artist category for the Aurora awards. This is Melissa’s second nomination.

A Pulp Literature Favourite

We are big fans of Melissa’s work. Managing Editor Jen Landels found Melissa while we were putting together Issue 1 of Pulp Literature.  The Beer Fairy became the first compelling visual for the magazine.

We always find it hard to choose among her bewitching works.   Melissa also created the covers for Issue 5, Fondly Remembered Magic, Issue 12, The Story Teller, and soon-to-be-released Allaigna’s Song: Overture, by JM Landels.


Melissa writes: “My inspiration comes from only one source. When I draw or paint the subject may be sparked from a Celtic legend, a tale from the Brother’s Grimm, the lyric from an ancient ballad or the melody of a carol but the finished painting and whatever the viewer finds in it comes from the heart.More here.

Melissa lives in the historic city of New Westminster, British Columbia with her husband, author dvsduncan. Having a playful inner landscape, she confesses to having a hat addiction, wearing Edwardian clothing, reading in the bath, and watching British dramas whilst drinking lemonade. A proud mother of two and grandmother of three, Melissa remains a student of Celtic, English and Northern European history and mythology.

We love  Melissa’s calendar, and her gorgeous, magical, book Faye: The Art of Melissa Mary Duncan.   Her new book, Sketches on the Road to Elfland,  will be out in time for Christmas.  Melissa also has a video coming out soon on the process of her art. Check out her trailer message here.

Amazon reviews of Melissa Mary Duncan ’s work

“LOVELY BOOK fabulous artist!!!! a must own if you love fantasy art.”

“Sometimes whimsical, sometimes haunting, always exquisitely detailed and beautiful, Melissa Mary Duncan’s artwork is full of folkloric, historic, and classical influences, as she shows us glimpses of a world which surely must be right behind the next tree. Each piece has a tale to tell, and every time I look through this book I see something new tucked in a border or hidden in the background which I hadn’t seen before.”

“The pictures are beautiful at first look and extraordinary when you look closer and see all of the nuances she builds into each piece of art. The anecdotal stories in the book are a very special insight into the artist and her daughters which adds a heart-warming personality to each piece.”





A New Fantasy Novel from Rebecca Gomez Farrell

Congratulations Rebecca Gomez Farrell, author of ‘Thlush-a-lum’ in Pulp Literature Issue 5, on her new book out with Meerkat Press.  Her fantasy novel Wings Unseen is available for preorder.  Here’s a taste of what lies in store for her readers.

To end a civil war, Lansera’s King Turyn relinquished a quarter of his kingdom to create Medua, exiling all who would honor greed over valor to this new realm on the other side of the mountains. The Meduans and Lanserim have maintained an uneasy truce for two generations, but their ways of life are as compatible as oil and water.  … more here.


Rebecca Gomez Farrell writes all the speculative fiction genres she can conjure up.  An associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Becca’s shorter works have been published by the Future Fire, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Typehouse Literary Magazine, and Pulp Literature, among other outlets. She is thrilled to have Meerkat Press publish her debut fantasy novel, Wings Unseen, in August 2017.


excerpted from Pulp Literature Issue 5, Winter 2015

Markella’s earliest memories are of the sounds outside her window.  At hours when no men moved, rustling branches and shuffling grass woke her.  A beating pulse like slower, fleshier helicopter blades banished sleep:  thlush-a-lum thlush-a-lum.  In summers, the heat in her attic bedroom hot enough to incubate, Markella pushed the window open and dozed to the endless static drone of cicadas.  In winters, choking radiator warmth wrapped tight around her, she cracked the window and the low, deep hoots of an owl drifted in with the freezing breeze.    … read more in Issue 5.



Thanks to all our amazing backers our Kickstarter campaign was fully funded on Monday night!

We are amazed and humbled by the generousity of our backers, who have supported us  financially and with their valuable time.  There were so many people in our corner this time, tweeting, re-sharing, and pounding the virtual pavement on our behalf, that it would be impossible to post all their names without forgetting some.  You know who you are though, and please know that we thank you from the depth of our hearts!Issue 5 box

As icing on the wonderful cake that was yesterday, our boxes of Issue 5 arrived from First Choice Books.  Even after five issues it’s still a thrill to slice open the packing tape and reveal a stack of freshly printed books.  We can hardly wait to share them with you!

We’ll be mailing these out to subscribers on Friday or Monday, along with the packs of note cards some of you ordered.

If you missed the Kickstarter and still want to renew your subscription in time to have Issue 5 mailed to you please contact us right away!

You can subscribe or renew here, or email us at subscribe@pulpliterature.com and we will send you an invoice.Mel Summer

Once more, thank you to all of you who contributed to the Kickstarter and subscribed by conventional means.  You have helped ensure the continuation of a paying market for multi-genre fiction and great reads for the price of a beer.

Please join us as we raise our glasses to you, our supporters, and to Pulp Literature Year 2!

Jen, Mel & Sue


Interview with a Pianist

This interview is a teaser for the flash fiction piece ‘Waiting for Twilight’, the 2014 Hummingbird Prize runner-up by Daniela Elza.  Savour this glimpse into the protagonist’s mind while you wait for the story to come out in issue 5.

  1. What is your idea of perfect happiness?  Getting lost in the moment.  Or under a tree.  Or by the sea.  Where I am less aware of myself.
  2. What is your greatest fear?  Existentially?  That I have misread my life.
  3. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?  To attempt to solve other’s problems when they do not want solutions.
  4. What is the trait you most deplore in others?  Gossip. Judging other people. Small mindedness. Jealousy.  Is that too many?  Perhaps group them under “stop being boring and pathetic.”  There are much better things to waste your breath on.  Like, sing, for a change.
  5. On what occasion do you lie?  I do not lie since I cannot remember what I said. But if it saves a life … maybe then.
  6. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?  I was wondering …
  7. When and where were you happiest?  You mean am happiest?  When I create music.  Or write.  When I flirt with life.
  8. What is your most treasured possession? My piano, of course.
  9. What is your most marked characteristic?  It is hard to not pay attention.  It is hard for me to ignore people.
  10. What is your motto?  Do onto others as twilight will do onto you.  By which I mean ‘dusk’, not the book.
  11. What is something we’d never glean about you from ‘Waiting for Twilight’?  I love swimming.

elza.daniela.cropped with handDaniela Elza has won prizes in both the Hummingbird and Magpie Awards.  Her work has appeared nationally and internationally in close to 100 publications.  Daniela’s poetry collections are: the weight of dew, the book of It,  and, most recently, milk tooth bane bone, of which David Abram says: “Out of the ache of the present moment, Daniela Elza has crafted something spare and irresistible, an open armature for wonder.”  Daniela was the 2014 Writer-In-Residence at the University of the Fraser Valley and the 2014 guest editor of emerge anthology.

You can find ‘Waiting for Twilight’ in the upcoming Winter 2015 issue of Pulp Literature, available for another week only on our Kickstarter page

Interview with an Adolescent

Teenagerhood is an awkward time of strange sensations and metamorphoses.  For some it’s worse than others.  Meet Markella, the protagonist of Rebecca Gomez Farrell’s ‘Thlush-a-lum’, coming up in Pulp Literature issue 5.

  1. What is your greatest fear?  The unknown, especially when I’m trying to sleep and there are sounds coming from outside that I cannot place. It happens all the time. Some mornings I wake up and feel more worn out than when I went to bed.
  2. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?  That I don’t satisfy my parents. That must be why they don’t hug and kiss me like other families do.
  3. What do you most dislike about your appearance?  I have four birthmarks on my back: patches of dimpled flesh on my shoulders and on my lower back. I press my fingers into them sometimes, looking in the mirror, and expect it to hurt, but I guess I don’t press hard enough. Can you press too hard? I don’t want to know.
  4. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?  Sizzle, snap, flutter, pulse.
  5. When and where were you happiest?  When Mother gave me wine and a smile for my seventeenth birthday.
  6. How would you like to die?  I’ve never thought about that before, though I overheard Mother and Father discussing it once.  They always think I can’t hear them when they speak in hushed tones, but I can.  All they said was that they hoped it happened “anywhere but here.”  I’ve never lived anywhere but home, but I think I’d want that too.
  7. What is your motto?  Don’t listen to what you don’t know.
  8. What is something we’d never glean about you from ‘Thlush-a-Lum’?  I wish I had a sibling. I think — I think I wouldn’t feel so alone if I did.  We could learn about everything together, maybe even investigate the sounds outside the window together.  I think, with someone else around, I’d feel brave.becca gomez farrell

In all but one career aptitude test Rebecca Gomez Farrell has taken, writer has been the #1 result.  But when she tastes the salty air and hears the sea lions bark, she wonders if maybe, maybe, sea captain was the right choice after all.  Becca’s speculative fiction and food and drink blogging can be found at rebeccagomezfarrell.com

Find out what those sounds outside Markella’s window are in the Winter 2015 issue of Pulp Literature, which can be purchased through our Kickstarter page.

Interview with the Green

From the Beer Faerie to her great grandaddy, today’s interview is with the Green Man from Margaret Kingsbury’s haunting spec fic story ‘The Longing is Green when the Branches are Trees’, due out in Pulp Literature issue 5.GreenManSept16

  1. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Roaming through forests that rise and fall over hills and mountains, sap and bark scenting the air.
  2. What is your motto? Grow.
  3. What is your greatest fear? Fire and man.
  4. When and where were you happiest? The centuries I lived as a yew in my grove, our branches entwining, our leaves whispering to one another in the wind.
  5. What is your most marked characteristic? To humans my skin of bark, to trees my rootless wandering.
  6. Who are your favourite writers? The ones that publish online and write e-books.

Kingsbury Author PicMargaret Kingsbury’s short stories and poems have appeared in Expanded Horizons, NonBinary Review, and in the anthology Battle Runes: Writings on War.  Her fairy tale, post apocalypse novel, currently undergoing revision, was recently awarded honourable mention in the Diverse Writers/Worlds grant.  You can follow her on twitter @MargaretKWrites.

‘The Longing is Green when the Branches are Trees’ will appear in the Winter 2015 edition of Pulp Literature, due out in December.  You can preorder your copy here.



Interview with a Thief

Issue 5 feature author Eileen Kernaghan interviewed the lead character from ‘The Robber Maiden’s Story’.  Said Eileen, “She is not an easy subject, but this is what she had to say”:

  1. What is your greatest fear?   If I was afraid of anything, do you think I would admit it?
  2. On what occasion do you lie? Whenever it seems useful.
  3. What do you most dislike about your appearance?  There is nothing to dislike in my appearance. Say there is, and you’ll feel my knife at your throat.Robber Maiden
  4. When and where were you happiest?  When  Gerda, my  little yellow-haired  rabbit,  was here with me in the camp.
  5. What is your most treasured possession?  My reindeer Ba.  Also the dagger my father stole from a prince (and I stole from my father).
  6. Who are your favourite writers?  I’m sorry, I don’t understand that question.
  7. How would you like to die? In a blaze of glory, when all my enemies are dead. 

Eileen Kernaghan lives in New Westminster, B.C. She is the author of nine historical fantasy novels and a three-time winner of the Aurora Award for Canadian speculative fiction. Her latest novel, Sophie, in Shadow (Thistledown Press, 2014) is set in 1914 India.  An associated novel, Wild Talent: a Novel of the Supernatural (2008) was shortlisted for the 2009 Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, while The Alchemist’s Daughter (2004) was shortlisted for the Sheila Egoff Award for Children’s Literature. As well, her short stories and poems have appeared in many North American literary and speculative publications.

The ‘Robber Maiden’s Story’ will appear in Pulp Literature Issue 5, due out in early December.  You can purchase individual print or ebook copies as well as subscriptions on our Kickstarter page.