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Pulp Literature Advent Calendar ~ 10 December

With twenty-four fabulous back issues, one to mark each day of Advent, we hope to share with you the joy and magic of the season. When you purchase an issue on its corresponding day on our Advent Calendar, not only will you be collecting great literature, but you will also receive a special gift.

Today is the tenth day of Advent, and the issue that holds the secret prize is Issue 10, Spring 2016

Mysteries, monsters, and myths are all the rage in this issue, guarded by Britt-Lise Newstead’s fierce cover girl in ‘She Doesn’t Know She’s Small’.

Issue 10 small
  • Follow Hue de Paien, the High Constable whose detective work could cost him more than just his knees in Carol Berg’s ‘Uncanonical Murder’;
    “Berg’s world, redolent of medieval France, is populated with living, breathing characters. … it’s clear the depth of thought she has brought to her creation.  Her prose is clear and uncluttered. ‘Uncanonical Murder’ is also a decent mystery, something I’ve seen too many sci-fi and fantasy writers forget to succeed at.” – Fletcher Vredenburgh, Black Gate
  • Meet Moishe Cohen, self-appointed vampire-slayer in Gregg Chamberlain’s ‘Monster Hunter’;
  • Rejoin our favourite octogenarian sleuth Stella Ryman as she tracks down ‘The Thief Called Edge’, by Mel Anastasiou;
  • Discover the difference between beast and human in Sarina Bosco’s haunting fairy tale interpretation, ‘Soul Making’;
  • Find out from Susan Pieters how to rid yourself of the ‘Five Finger Blade’ — and why you may not want to;
  • Read between the lines in Andrea Lewis’s ‘Vellum’, and reveal the identity of the mysterious visitor in Stephen Case’s ‘Two Twenty-Two’;
  • Find truths in fabricated fairy tales and myths with the winners of our Raven contest, Emily Linstrom’s ‘Black Blizzard’ and PE Bolivar’s ‘The Lament for iCarus’.
  • Uncover a haunting past in Kris Sayer’s short comic, ‘Where her Armour was Weakest’.
  • Finally, unravel more secrets of Allaigna’s heritage in the penultimate installment of Allaigna’s Song: Overture.
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The Mega-Deal

And if fear of missing out has you worried, we have a super offer for you:  buy our complete six-year collection in print or digital form at any point during the 24 days before Christmas, and you’ll receive all the bonus gifts!

As we begin this holiday season and our look back at the great issues of the past, I feel the same suspense I did as a child, knowing that with each day comes the treasure of the season’s familiar comforts and of the unexpected surprises along the way.

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Spring Fever Back Issue Sale!

Spring is here and the daffodils and cherry blossoms are busting out at last!  To celebrate we have pruned the prices on all our spring back issues in print format.  That includes Issue featuring JJ Lee, Issue 6 featuring Krista Wallace, Issue 10 featuring Carol Berg, and Issue 14 featuring CC Humphreys.  But hurry, this special ends March 31st!

Planes, trains, and automobiles transport us with tales from CC Humphreys, Colin Thornton, plus Joseph Stilwell and Hugh Henderson, as well as poetry from David Clink and Ian Haight. There are bears, boars, and kind-eyed villains from Greg Brown, William Charles Brock, JM Landels, and Susan Pieters, while the reaper himself makes a visit in Mel Anastasiou’s next Stella novella.  All that plus the winners of both the Raven and SiWC contests.  Jump on board … the journey’s just beginning!
Pulp Literature Issue 14, Spring 2017 $14.99  now $9.99


Issue 10 small

Magical murder mystery by Carol Berg; monster hunting with Gregg Chamberlain; sleuthing with Stella and Mel Anastasiou; comic by Kris Sayer; poetry by Matthew Walsh, Ev Bishop, and Ada Maria Soto; flash fiction by Andrea Lewis and Stephen Case; short stories by Sarina Bosco and Susan Pieters; Allaigna’s Song by JM Landels; and literary fiction from the 2015 Raven winners Emily Linstrom and PE Bolivar.
Pulp Literature Issue 10, Spring 2016 $14.99  now $9.99



Genre-defying fiction by  Krista Wallace, Bob Thurber, Laura Kostur, Theric Jepson, FJ Bergmann, Tobi Cogswell and more!
Pulp Literature Issue 6, Spring 2015 $14.99  now $9.99





Our second issue of good books for the price of a beer, featuring fiction and artwork by JJ Lee, Sarah Pinsker, Trevor Shikaze, Milo James Fowler, AY Dorsey,  and more!
Pulp Literature Issue 2, Spring 2014 $14.99  now $9.99





And if that’s not enough Spring for you, you can also pick up Pulp Literature Issue 18, Spring 2018, hot off the presses right now!

Help us launch Issue 10!

Issue 10 smallWe’ll be officially releasing Pulp Literature Issue 10, Spring 2016, this coming Monday, April 11th.  We would be delighted if you could join us at the Wolf & Hound to meet some of the authors and lift a glass or two to celebrate!

Issue 10 Launch Party
11 April 2016, 7-9pm
The Wolf & Hound, 3617 W Broadway, Vancouver

See you at the Wolf!