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2019 Year of Authors: 15 – 19 July

It’s not every year you get to celebrate publishing 20 issues of genre-busting literature. We want our readers to reap the rewards, and our contributors to shine in the spotlight, so every week we are offering up a selection of deeply discounted past issues, based on one of the authors, poets, or artists whose work fills the magazine’s pages. Welcome to week 27 of Pulp Literature’s Year of Authors!

15th – 19th June 2019

Monday: Mikayla FawcettIssue 17

Mikayla Fawcett is a writer and artist currently inhabiting a mudflat within the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples. Occasionally Mikayla emerges from the mudflat to engage in a larger collaborative art project.

Issue 17 cover featuring stellar artwork by Britt-Lise Newstead

Tuesday: Milo James Fowler, Issue 2

Milo James Fowler is a teacher by day and a speculative fictioneer by night. When he’s not grading papers, he’s imagining what life might be like in a dozen alternate realities. So far, his fiction has appeared in more than 150 publications, including AE SciFi, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Cosmos, Daily Science Fiction, Nature, and Shimmer.

Wednesday: Misha Handman, Issue 17

Misha Handman has been writing fantasy and mystery stories for as long as he can remember. When not writing, he works as a manager for the performing arts in Victoria, BC, helping otherartists bring their own works to their audiences.

Issue 17 cover featuring stellar artwork by Britt-Lise Newstead

Thursday: Mitchel Toews, Issue 20
Mitchell Toews lives and writes at Jessica Lake in Manitoba. When an insufficient number of, “We are pleased to inform you …” emails are on hand he finds alternative joy in the windy intermingling between the top of the water and the bottom of the sky or skates on the ice until he can no longer see the cabin.

Issue 20 cover with tech-slum cover by Ben Baldwin

Friday: Nicholas Christian, Issue  15
Nicholas Christian’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Lindenwood Review, Off the Coast, Poetry Quarterly, Gravel, Da ̆mfiˉno, and Panoply. He is currently living and teaching in China with his wife and fellow poet Kelli Allen.

Interview with a Ghost

Have you ever finished a story and thought “I want to hear more from that character” or wondered who the subject of a painting really was?  We do.  All the time.  So we’ve asked our Pulp Literature authors and artists to give their main characters our version of the Proust Questionnaire.

Over the next several weeks we’ll be posting the results.  We hope you find them as amusing and intriguing as we do.  And if it makes you want to read the story go to our Kickstarter page where you can acquire back issues in as little as $5 for an ebook.

First up we have an interview with the title character of ‘Mercer’s Ghost’ by Milo James Fowler from Issue 2, Spring 2014.  If this doesn’t make you want to go an pick up that story right now, I don’t know what will.

  1. What is your idea of perfect happiness?  A fresh bottle of Eurasian whiskey.
  2. What is your greatest fear?  Living forever.
  3. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?  Greed.
  4. What is the trait you most deplore in others?  Selfishness.
  5. On what occasion do you lie?  Whenever I have to.
  6. What do you most dislike about your appearance?  It varies from corpse to corpse.
  7. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?  Fleshbag.
  8. When and where were you happiest?  A couple millennia ago, before I was cursed.
  9. Which talent would you most like to have?  Dying.
  10. What do you consider your greatest achievement?  Staying on Saint Peter’s good side — somewhat.
  11. What is your most treasured possession?  Bottle of Eurasian whiskey.
  12. What is your most marked characteristic?  Ability to body-swap.
  13. Who are your favourite writers?  Don’t read.
  14. What is your greatest regret?  Denying Christ.
  15. How would you like to die?  Yes, please. Beggars can’t be choosers.
  16. What is your motto?  Live today like it could be your last. I should be so lucky.  
  17. What is something we’d never glean about you from Mr Fowler’s tale?  I’m a big baseball fan. Played with Babe Ruth for a while, back in the day.Longriderhills2fowlerMilo James Fowler is a teacher by day, writer by night, and an active SFWA member. When he’s not grading papers, he’s imagining what the world might be like in a dozen alternate realities. His work has appeared in AE SciFi, Cosmos, Daily Science Fiction, Nature, and Shimmer. www.milojamesfowler.com


You can order Issue 2 containing ‘Mercer’s Ghost’, as well as other fabulous backer rewards on our Kickstarter page: