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Pulp Literature Year 1 & 2

2019 Year of Authors: 10 – 14 June

It’s not every year you get to celebrate publishing 20 issues of genre-busting literature. We want our readers to reap the rewards, and our contributors to shine in the spotlight, so every week we are offering up a selection of deeply discounted past issues, based on one of the authors, poets, or artists whose work fills the magazine’s pages. Welcome to week 23 of Pulp Literature’s Year of Authors!

10th – 14th June 2019

Monday: Laura KosturIssue 6

Born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Laura Kostur finds inspiration from her surroundings and the wide variety of people drawn to the West Coast. Now employed in Communications with the Federal Government of Canada, Laura enjoy a job that allows her to write and edit every day, while interacting with a wide variety of people, and being of service to the public. When not at work, or working on her next novel, Laura can be found cutting and thrusting her way through classes at Academie Duello, a school of European Swordplay and Western Martial Arts. Laura currently works, fights and writes in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she lives with her husband and possibly a dog, if enough people pester the aforementioned spouse into letting her adopt one.

Wednesday: Leah Komar, Issue 16

The geographically diverse Leah Komar grew up in Syracuse and Central Pennsylvania. She attended college in New Orleans and Kyoto, and she has since then lived in Toyama and Austin. She now lives in Tokyo. Her poem, ‘Krang’, was the runner up for the 2017 Magpie Award for Poetry.

Issue 16 cover art by Akem

Thursday: Margaret Kingsbury, Issue 5

Margaret Kingsbury lives in Nashville Tennessee, where she writes, teaches English, and works at a used bookstore. Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in Battlerunes: Writings on War and Expanded Horizons. She is passionate about storytelling, helping to promote diverse and marginalised voices, and parenting from a feminist and scientific perspective.

Friday: Maria Pascualy, Issue 19

Image result for maria pascualyMaria Pascualy lives in Tacoma, Washington, where she writes in a little white house. Her writing has appeared in Panoply, Mulberry Fork Review, and Hobo Camp Review. Her poem, ‘First Date’, will give you an intimate glimpse into an eerie first date.

Tuesday: Mark Mitchell, Issue 5

Mark J Mitchell’s poetry has been published in several hundred magazines and a handful of anthologies over the years, in addition to some novels and chapbooks. His collection, Detective Movie, is quintessential pulp poetry and we fell in love with the tone. 

Interview with the Green

From the Beer Faerie to her great grandaddy, today’s interview is with the Green Man from Margaret Kingsbury’s haunting spec fic story ‘The Longing is Green when the Branches are Trees’, due out in Pulp Literature issue 5.GreenManSept16

  1. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Roaming through forests that rise and fall over hills and mountains, sap and bark scenting the air.
  2. What is your motto? Grow.
  3. What is your greatest fear? Fire and man.
  4. When and where were you happiest? The centuries I lived as a yew in my grove, our branches entwining, our leaves whispering to one another in the wind.
  5. What is your most marked characteristic? To humans my skin of bark, to trees my rootless wandering.
  6. Who are your favourite writers? The ones that publish online and write e-books.

Kingsbury Author PicMargaret Kingsbury’s short stories and poems have appeared in Expanded Horizons, NonBinary Review, and in the anthology Battle Runes: Writings on War.  Her fairy tale, post apocalypse novel, currently undergoing revision, was recently awarded honourable mention in the Diverse Writers/Worlds grant.  You can follow her on twitter @MargaretKWrites.

‘The Longing is Green when the Branches are Trees’ will appear in the Winter 2015 edition of Pulp Literature, due out in December.  You can preorder your copy here.