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Featured Author: JJ Lee

It’s December, and Pulp Literature Issue 17, Winter 2018 is here! Featured author JJ Lee’s ‘Desdemone’ opens our winter issue with an exquisite Edwardian haunting of a most personal kind.

Multiple-award-nominated memoirist JJ Lee is author of The Measure of a Man: The Story of a Father, a Son, and a Suit.  Every year, following in the footsteps of ‘Fireside Al’ Maitland, he  presents a Christmas ghost story on CBC Radio in British Columbia, and ‘Desdemone’ was his Christmas 2016 oeuvre.

Pulp Literature Issue 17, Winter 2018

We’re delighted to be able to bring this story to a print audience.  This is JJ’s third short story for Pulp Literature, the first being the dystopian Spec Fic piece ‘Built to Love’ in Issue 2 and the Yuletide Lovecraft, Moorcook, Nazi mashup ‘The Man in the Long Black Coat’ in Issue 8.

You can save $2 by pre-ordering our Winter 2018 issue here … and then get JJ to sign it for you when you pick it up at the Winter Launch Party, Monday Dec 11th from 5:00 – 7:00pm at the Cottage Bistro on Main St.

To get you in the JJ mood, here’s an excerpt from Issue 8’s ‘The Man in the Long Black Coat’, a holiday story with a Lovecraftian twist:


The Man in the Long Black Coat

A Chthonic Christmas Tale by JJ Lee

December 1944

I don’t remember if Mother’s eyes said it or if she spoke the words, “He’s just a boy.” I do remember feeling anger and burning shame.  I was eleven years old, the eldest. Father had been gone for years.  The weekly newsreel Die Deutsche Wochenschau showed boys my age working in factories, making shells and gun parts.  In school we were told to be “slim and strong, swift as greyhounds, tough as leather, and hard as Krupp steel.”  I thought I was until I saw Mother’s eyes that night in the winter of 1944.

Herr Mundt didn’t care.  He had arrived from the larger, Lower Silesian town of G______ in search of what he called ‘recruits.’  He dressed in the makeshift manner of the Volkssturm, the People’s Army.  He wore scuffed and muddy railroad boots, brown breeches, and an armband over his grey coat sleeve.  On his collar, Herr Mundt had pinned officer pips.  He topped his head with the kind of hat a butcher would wear.  His attire was theatrical, ersatz, outlandish, wildly officious, and, because he seemed so out of control, menacing.  From his gaze I wanted to hide.

“He has five minutes to gather warm clothes and boots, if he has any,” said Herr Mundt.

He stepped back into the snow and shadows and strode off in the direction of the neighbours.  Mother shut the door.  My legs trembled as I climbed up the stairs and went into the bedroom.  I took off my pyjamas and folded them.  I tucked them under my pillow.  I began to put on as much clothes as I could.  I stuffed more warm things into a canvas bag.  I went to the other side of the bed and leaned down to kiss Lena, my sister, on her forehead.  Her eyes opened.

“You should be asleep,” I said.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know.”

“Take this.”

She pulled from under the covers a tin soldier, my oldest, most treasured toy.

“Where did you find it?”  I fought the urge to snatch it from her and I held out my hand.  She put it in my palm.  I saw the chipped paint on its shako, the blue on its tunic nearly worn through from play, the bent rifle, and the blankness of its face.  It made me think of Father.

“Keep it until I come back.”

I tucked her in, kissed her again, and went downstairs.  Mother said, “You can hide in the forest.”

“I don’t think they will let me.”

A pistol cracked.  A woman’s wail cut through the night.  A minute later, Herr Mundt thumped on our door.  “Frau Steiner.”

Mother clambered into the cellar and came back up holding hunting boots.  “They’re still too big,” I said.

“It doesn’t matter.  You need boots.”

“Frau Steiner.”  Herr Mundt hammered on the door.  I put them on.  I didn’t have time to say goodbye to Mother.

I stumbled after Herr Mundt to a small truck idling in front of the church.  He opened the back and waved his pistol.  I climbed in.  Three other boys from the village — Jens, Rudy, and Zeydl — sat shivering on the side benches.

“Stay in here until we let you out.  If any of you try to run, you will wish you hadn’t.”  Herr Mundt shut us in and we rode without speaking.  At first I could hardly see, but my eyes adjusted to the dimness.  The walls were wood slats with no space between them.  A tarpaulin covered the top.  In one corner, there was a small tear that flapped in the wind.  Through it fell the palest light from the night sky …

Read the rest of the story in Pulp Literature Issue 8, Autumn 2015.


Author News: Anat Rabkin

We love the eclectic nature of our magazine. Literary fiction, poetry, Sci-fi, short comics, and so much more come together in each issue to offer a wide variety for the diverse palettes we are serving.  Sometimes, the appearance of comics in a literary magazine can come  as a shock, but we believe that when words and images come together, another layer of depth is added to the story.

Anat Rabkin

Anat Rabkin is one talented artist and writer whose work has been featured in Issue 9 with ‘Forbidden Fruit’ and Issue 13 with ‘It Rained Then, Too’. Click here to browse back issues… 

She is also the author and illustrator of the webcomic Seraphim: Tales of Love and Courage, set to return from hiatus before the end of 2017!

Currently, Anat is hard at work on a Kickstarter campaing with Cloudscape Comics.  Her comic, ‘Soundblind’, is set to appear in their anthology, Swan Song, a massive, 12×12 anthology of comics about music, and life, and changing the world.

Find the full line-up and run-down of the campaign here

Anat Rabkin returns to Pulp Literature in the upcoming Issue 17, Winter 2018 with her first prose-only short story, ‘For the Love of Grey.’  It’s take on what awaits us in perdition, and one woman’s determination to remain positive.  You can pre-order issue 17 with a $2 discount until December 10th.

Meet Anat at the Winter Launch

Join us to launch Issue 17 at the Cottage Bistro on Main Street.  Anat will be reading from ‘For the Love of Grey’, and there will also be readings from JJ Lee, Emily Osborne, Misha Handman and the winners of the 2017 Cedric prize.

Winter Book Launch
Monday 11 December, 5:00 – 7:00pm
The Cottage Bistro
4470 Main Street, Vancouver BC

Free!  RSVP here




Where the Angels Wait

Pulp Literature Issue 14 is with the printer and will be available in time for The Creative Ink Festival (31 Mar – 2 Apr) and our launch at Steamworks on Monday April 3rd.  We’re delighted to have another story, ‘The Ankle Bracelet’, from our very first feature author, CC (Chris) Humphreys.

Chris will be on hand at the launch to give a reading and sign books, but in the meantime, let us whet your appetite with a snippet of the poignant ‘Where the Angels Wait’ from all the way back in Pulp Literature Issue 1.

Granada, Andalusia, Spain. August 1986.

Sitting on the edge of the bed now, listening. A door opened, shut, someone has come and gone, that much is certain. They’ve hidden them, and he must find them.

Unless they didn’t leave.


No reply. He has to start. The drawers? Too obvious but he tries a couple. The cushions? He pulls them off the sofa, feels down the back and side, moves carefully because if they
are there what state might they be in? He finds a crumb covered coin, nothing else. On the high shelves then, at the back of the cupboard, rolling in dust? Or in a jar in the bureau, pickled, floating like onions? With others? Alone? Alone, yes, has to be.

He starts to move quicker. Grapes on the table, that’s frightening. Eat one? Too risky. Time’s nearly up, pull back the sheets, grope under the pillows.

“Who’s there?”

He lies back down. “There’s no one there,” he says, challenging the dark.

He sits up. He knows where they are. His father is in the doorway, making it look small, and he has them exactly where they should be.

“Looking for these?” Dad says, and starts to squeeze his eyeballs from his face.

Off the bed,
groping for a light, blundering in an unfamiliar dark to a wall, a door, a switch, filling the room with yellow, running to the window, pulling back the thick curtains. He thrusts his head out into fierce sun and furnace air and the heat brings him back. He remembers where he is.

It takes him longer to remember why.

Six PM. Jet lag muzzles his head like a warm, wet towel and he can’t figure if home is ahead of Granada or behind. No, behind, it’s nine in Vancouver now. Gwen will be getting Sunday breakfast. French toast. Wearing her blue smock to protect her church clothes. If he was there they’d eat, then she’d take the smock off.

“Coming?” she’d ask.

“Nothing to confess,” he’d say.

He’ll call, catch her before she goes, but after a shower. He wants to make sense when he speaks to her. Before the shower though…

read the entire story in Pulp Literature Issue No. 1, Winter 2014.


The Not a Launch Party Party

Wow, it’s been less than a week since we hit our funding goal, and in that time the print copies of issue 5 have arrived, the ebook proof has come in, and we’ve been busy organizing our mailing list to get your rewards out to you … while working on issue 6 content!  All of which means we’ve been too busy to put together a big bash like we did for last year’s launch.

But that’s not going to stop us from celebrating! Mel will be arriving back in town on Wednesday and we three editors invite you to join us at the Irish Heather in Gastown.

time: Wednesday December 10th, 7pm till ??
location: The Irish Heather Gastropub, 212 Carrall St, Vancouver
facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1511283392492168/

The food’s great, the beer, wine and whiskey list impressive, and the company’s fantastic, since it will consist of all you people who love good books … and beer!

It’s not often you catch all three of us at the same event, and we’d love to meet as many of you as we can.

See you there!

Jen, Sue & Mel

Launch Party tonight!

Yes, it’s today!

PULP Literature Launch / Academie Duello Yule Party
at:  Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay,
412 West Hastings, Vancouver BC
time: 7pm – midnight, blues dancing till 3am
tickets: $20 at the door

As is traditional with for the Duello Yule party, there is a potluck contest.  If you wish to take part bring your best dish, sweet or savoury — you could win the title of potluck champion — though please don’t feel obliged to bring anything.

JJ Lee

Here’s a schedule for the evening
7pm – doors and bar open, mistletoe bingo begins, have your picture taken with Santa.
7:30 – welcome, stage-fighting performances, readings by CC Humphreys, JJ Lee, and Kimberleigh Smithbower Roseblade.
8:15 – Mensur (German duelling sabre) lesson and tournament
8:50 – Prizes for potluck, bingo and tournament
9pm – dancing & swordfighting to the rocking sounds of the Fabulous Ringtones
10pm – book signings in the museum, Blues in the City on the dance floor
midnight – bar closes, but blues dancing continues till 3:00am

CC Humphreys

Our dress code is as you like it:  put on your best ballgown, black tie or an ugly Christmas sweater … it’s all good as long as you’ve got your dancing feet and your festive spirit.

See you there!



A Countdown Calendar

Whatever your holiday persuasion is at this time of year, one of the best things about the season is anticipation.  Even growing up as I did in an entirely secular household, I loved the countdown to Christmas.  Not every year, but every once in a while, I would receive an advent calendar.  They were just gaudy pieces of cardboard with cheap and nasty confections that somehow had the nerve to be called milk chocolate , but I loved them.  Each tiny thrill of opening a new window and getting closer to the big one somehow added up to much more than a collection of 24 candies.

We here at Pulp Literature are more excited than kids on Christmas eve as we get ready for Launch Party on December 20th.  We thought we’d share the anticipation by making an advent calendar of sorts for you, our blog readers.  Each day until the 20th we’ll be posting a special offer on the blog, most of them good for one day only.

However, to start off with a bang our very first special will be good for the whole month!

Advertising Special

For the month of December we are offering ad rates of three issues for the price of two in our 2014 print and digital editions!  For details, see our adverts page.

Check back tomorrow, to see what special offer is available on December 2nd …

30 days to Launch

Magic Forest by Mel Anastasiou
Magic Forest by Mel Anastasiou

It may have seemed very quiet here from the outside, but we have been busy busy busy!

Our fabulous designer Kirsten Call has put together an absolutely gorgeous magazine.  The issue #1 files are at the printer and we are eagerly awaiting the proof.  In the meantime we’re working on the e-book files, and everything should be ready to send to you, whether by postman or aether, in December.  As a teaser, here’s the title page image, by our own very talented Mel Anasatasiou.

And of course the other thing we’re planning is our launch party, happening in one short month  Earlybird tickets are gone, but you can still get tickets from the front desk at Academie Duello for only $15, or on our subscription page for $16.  A steal for a literary swordfighting evening, complete with food, festivities, photos with Santa and mistletoe!


Launch Party!

We have a date and venue for our launch party!

PULP Literature Launch
Friday 20 December 2013
7pm – midnight
Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay
412 W Hastings St, Vancouver BC

This is in conjunction with Academie Duello’s annual Yule Party.  That means that, as well as book signings from many of our creators, including Chris Humphreys and JJ Lee, there will be an appetizer contest, dancing, and best of all swordfighting!

(As Chris will attest from the rousing success of the Shakespeare’s Rebel launch last summer, all the best book launches include swordfighting!)

Shakespeare's Rebel book launch: Author vs Giant Spaniard
Shakespeare’s Rebel book launch: Author vs Giant Spaniard

Tickets will be $15, but as a special bonus for our supporters we’ve added early bird prices to the Kickstarter rewards.  You can buy a single ticket for $12, or combine it with previous other rewards such as The Pint, The Flight, The Pub Crawl or The Keg for only $9 extra.

  • The Festive Punch: $12
  • The Festive Pint: $17
  • The Festive Flight: $24
  • The Festive Pub Crawl: $34
  • The Festive Keg: $59

The Punch saves you $3, and the other combos save you $6.  These prices are available only through the Kickstarter campaign, so if you were planning to come to the Academie Duello Yule Party anyway, get your tickets before November 5th!

For those of you who have already contributed to the campaign, you can change your pledge and upgrade to include a ticket by going to your Kickstarter account click on ‘Manage my Pledge’.

Those who have pledged $100 or more will be offered a complementary ticket as our special ‘thank you’.

We hope all of our supporters can make it — we’d love to thank you in person for backing Pulp Literature!