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Kris Sayer’s Tatterhood now available

We are hugely excited to let you know that the full-sized version of Tatterhood: Unwanted Vistors is available!  Multi-talented seamstress, swordswoman and sequential artist Kris Sayer will be at the Vancouver Comics Art Festival this Saturday and Sunday May 24th & 25th (booth E9), where you will be able to chat her up, buy signed copies of her book, and get her to sign your copy of Pulp Literature Issue 2.

Tatterhood by Kris Sayer

Tatterhood by Kris Sayer

It’s hard to tell you how to spot her, as sometimes she looks like this …

Zombie Krissometimes like this …

Kris 2and even like this …

Kris 3but you’ll usually be able to identify her by her wooden spoon.

Kris 1She’s highly personable and friendly, despite the weapons she may be carrying, so don’t be shy!

First issue first lines

As a teaser for our first issue, here are the first few lines from all the stories in issue 1.  See if you can match them with their authors!

  1. “Live or die, live or die! That’s all anybody does around here. For once, I wish somebody would come up with a third option.”
  2. Keld tensed as he heard the clinking footsteps and huffing breath of the enemy.  It wasn’t the anticipation of the coming fight that made him tense, it was the bloody hallway.
  3. “Failed equipment located. Searching … no procedure available.
  4. Sitting on the edge of the bed now, listening.  A door opened, shut, someone has come and gone, that much is certain.
  5. If you walk down the grand staircase of Castle Osthegn, you will see a family portrait.
  6. “Why is the grass always greener in Sally’s yard?” I ask this out loud, and my husband takes my question literally.
  7. You must understand, post-apocalypse Hamilton couldn’t get much worse than pre-apocalypse Hamilton.

Here are the stories they come from:

a. Where the Angels Wait, by CC Humphreys

b. Stella Ryman and the Case of the Third Option, by Mel Anastasiou

c. Only the Loons Know, by SL Nickerson

d. Allaigna’s Song: Overture, by JM Landels

e. Glass Curtain, by Sue Pieters

f. The Mechanics, by Angela Melick

g. Of Seige and Sword, by Tyner Gillies

Post your answers in the comments below.  The first person to correctly match all seven will win a signed limited edition JJ Lee paper doll, drawn by the amazing Kris Sayer.

A snippet of JJ's costumes -- now in glorious colour!

A snippet of JJ’s costumes — now in glorious colour!

And of course, if don’t guess correctly but are still jonesing for that doll, you can pledge at the $50 level on our kickstarter page.  There are still a few left, but you need to hurry — the campaign only runs till November 5th!