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Colouring Paradise is a go!

Thank you to all the wonderful backers who funded our Kickstarter campaign to make Colouring Paradise a reality!  We quite literally cannot do this without you.

The files are at the printer, and we should have the print proof in our hands this week.  After that, it’s just a matter of time before the printed copies are in your hands and the pdfs in your inbox!

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign but still want a copy of Mel’s gorgeous new colouring book you can still get in on the action via Backerkit.  This platform enables us to offer the reward items as pre-orders.  The page goes away after December 15th, so don’t delay, do your holiday shopping today!

Pre-Order on Backerkit Now

Some of the cool things you can get on the page:

  • Sweet deals on multi-year subscriptions and back issues
  • Print or pdf versions of Colouring Paradise
  • Notecards (perfect for thank-yous, holiday messages & gift enclosures)
  • A portrait by Mel of you or a loved one
  • Editorial critiques, writing courses and mentorships
  • A luxurious writers’ retreat on Bowen Island BC!Colouring book

Backerkit is a new platform for us, so please do let us know what you think!

all the best,

Jen, Mel & Sue




Colouring Paradise: Angel Over Castle

I love the look in this angel’s eye.  The late 15th century model was a peripheral funereal bronze by the del Pollaiuolo brothers.  When I made her central in a composition she seemed to take the weight of the world upon her —  by choice, I think.

I’ve adapted her a bit from my original inking to make her more fun to colour.  It’s important to have great light spaces and shape-able curves, as in the clouds that surround her, as well as the intricate bits in her dress and wings.  And to be able to choose from the prism of a colour box for the uplift of light around her.  The magpie wing palm is one of my favourite trees — it’s a palm tree I feathered, for fun.

I hope you like the book. Thanks for the encouraging reviews and for checking out our Kickstarter page for Colouring Paradise: a Renaissance Inspired Colouring Book for Adults & Kids.


Colouring Paradise

Colouring bookFall is in the air, so it must be time for us to launch a new Kickstarter campaign!

This one is a little different though.  Colouring Paradise is a compilation of twelve beautiful plates of Mel’s artwork in full-page colouring book format.  The saddle-bound book is printed on high quality paper, with one image per sheet for easy colouring and framing.

Colouring is relaxing, creative way to focus the mind, relieve stress, and open new creative doorways.  But don’t take it from us — check out these articles from The Guardian, CTV, and The Huffington Post.

This is a smaller campaign than usual for us: we’re only asking for the $3750 we need to produce this book, and the campaign will run for just 22 short days.  Of course you can still subscribe and purchase back issues of Pulp Literature on the Kickstarter page.

Take a look at our campaign, share it with your friends, family and social network.  We’ve only got three weeks to meet our goal, but with your help we can do it!

We hope you love this new book as much as we do!

Jen, Sue & Mel