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Submissions are Open for Pride Week

It’s Pride Week in Vancouver!  To celebrate, we are specifically requesting submissions from the LGBTQIA+ community during the first week of our August submissions period.  If you would like to self-identify in the submissions form please do; but also don’t feel you have to.  If your story is accepted you’ll have the choice whether to self-identify or not.  We certainly won’t out you without permission.

Submission Guidelines

Please read our submission guidelines carefully.  Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we can’t reply personally to every author.

We request that each writer submit only one story during this week. However, you are also welcome to submit a second story during the remaining three weeks of the month.

Everyone else, don’t worry — we are open for the entire month of August.  We look forward to receiving your fabulous fiction after August 7th!

Happy writing, and happy Pride week!

Guidelines and submission form here

Submissions close tonight

Last call for submissions for 2017!

Get your short fiction in before midnight on November 30th.  Submission Guidelines are here.

colored-pencils-rainbow-heartThere is no reading fee for this call.  However if you’d like to support the magazine and the work we do, please consider getting a subscription or a back issue through our current Kickstarter campaign, Something Novel. Your support is truly appreciated by our hard-working editors … as are your stories.  We look forward to reading them!

Jen, Mel, & Katherine


PS: If you submitted a story to us in the last round and haven’t heard back that is good news!  It means the story is under consideration and has gone for a third round of readings.

The Affirmative Action Submissions Opening

The recent US elections revealed an ugly underbelly of fear and bigotry that surprised the world and has terrified many marginalized groups across the country.  We here at Pulp Literature feel for our American friends, most of whom are not racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, or anti-immigration.  And while we can’t open Canada’s borders for you, we can open submissions.

To balance the rhetoric coming from south of the border, we are calling specifically for stories that give voice to the rest: to queers, women, immigrants, indigenous people, disabled people, and people of colour.  We want stories by and about humans of all shapes and sizes: feminist, LGBTQIA, people of colour, Métis, First Nations, differently-abled … any and all segments of the population historically lacking representation in the mainstream.

12-issue-spiralBut what if you happen to be a straight white dude?  We’ll still read your stuff, but it will help to have a character with at least one of the above attributes, and who is convincingly portrayed.  Don’t think it can be done?  Read Bob Thurber’s ‘Wager’, PE Bolivar’s ‘The Lament for iCarus’ and Rob Taylor’s ‘Here I Lay Down My Heart’.  They’re all astoundingly beautiful stories by white North American men writing outside their own experiences.

Submissions will be open from November 15th – 30th.  Writers, poets, artists, send us your best and most diverse works.  We invite you to self-identify if you like.  We’ll look forward to your voices!

Submissions Guidelines here.

To read a sample issue, back our Kickstarter campaign at the $5 level.  We’ll send you your choice of back issue right away, no money down.



August Submissions Window is around the corner

Untitled-1Attention writers!  We will be opening for short fiction submissions for the month of August.  For this period we are specifically looking for:

  • Gentle humour and a light touch.  We like grim and dark, but we tend to get a lot of it.  See if you can warm our hearts or bring smile to our faces.
  • Literary with a twist.  Beautiful writing with unexpected endings.
  • Diversity.  We tend to get a lot of stories with straight, white, male protagonists.  We love you guys, but lets mix things up a bit!

Be sure to read our submissions guidelines carefully before sending us your polished prose.  We look forward to reading your work in September!

Submissions are Open!

Submissions are now open for the month of February.

smallpenandinkWe’re placing the last stories in our 2016 schedule, and will have given final verdicts to our authors by February 15th (so fingers crossed for those of you authors out there who haven’t heard a final yes or no)!  We’re so very pleased with the amazing stories we’ve read, and truly impressed by the talent we see.

When we opened for two weeks last summer, we received 1200 submissions. Yes, twelve hundred!  We were a little stunned.  And then we were a little overwhelmed.  We were  forced to stop giving personal replies to every submission, but we still read every story that came our way, often more than once.

This time around we aren’t opening the gates quite so wide.  We have made the difficult decision to charge a small reading fee of $10 (about $7 US) for fiction submissions.  This will both regulate the flood of submissions and help us keep the magazine afloat.

As a literary magazine in Canada, we are unusual in our genre-jumping domain.  We like to think of ourselves as years ahead of the curve.  But we don’t receive any of the grants that more literary magazines receive.  We are proud of what we do, but we have to make this magazine stand on its own two feet.

pulp year 1Please know that submission fees are tax-deductible expenses for writers, and that every penny of those fees goes towards paying for the stories we print.  We are a non-profit publisher, and we’ve given our time freely so that some day Pulp Literature will be able to support all its contributors with subscription income alone, but that day has not yet come.

Starting in March we will be reading submissions received by the end of February with an eye to the Winter 2017 issue.

So let’s hear the drumroll!  We truly can’t wait to read your stories!



Are you our next Cover Artist?

Pulp LiteratureArtists! We are looking for a full-colour cover for Issue 11 of Pulp Literature!

The catch: it needs to illustrate a character, scene, or theme of JM Landels’s  Allaigna’s Song: Overture, which has been serialized in Pulp Literature and is reaching its conclusion in the Summer 2016 issue.

Take up the challenge!  Review the  Songbird Contest Guidelines, and send us your best work by February 15th 2016.