Issue 7, Summer 2015

In the Summer 2015 Issue:peacock

  • Canada’s king of Science Fiction, Hugo and Nebula award winner Robert J Sawyer ventures into the realm of gothic fantasy with ‘Fallen Angel’.
    “I especially enjoyed the cover story, Sawyer’s “Fallen Angel”: captivating and chilling, it goes beyond what you thought you could imagine, while still convincing you it’s all real.  I recommend this literary magazine to anyone wanting something entertaining and thought provoking to read through. I’m looking forward to reading more!” – Nina M
  • Mel Anastasiou rounds out the first Stella Ryman Omnibus with ‘The Case of the Vanishing Resident’
  • Feel the summer sun scorch you from an alien world in Marta Salek’s ‘It was Summer When He Left’.
  • You will never feel the same about the lazy drone of insects after reading ‘Wings of Nemesis’ by Oscar Windsor-Smith … or about the scuttling of many tiny feet after Rina Piccolo’s ‘Centipedes’.
  • Fling yourself foolishly into midsummer and love with ‘The Wishing Well’ by Susan Pieters, and then cool off in the dangerous watery depths of Holly Walrath’s ‘Mermaid Hunt’.
  • Discover new secrets in Bastion and the Greatwood alike with the continuation of Allaigna’s Song by JM Landels.
  • All this beneath a glorious cover by JJ Lee!

Issue 7, Summer 2015


“Thoroughly enjoyed reading this! What a wonderful collection of work with a variety of engaging stories to read …”  read more

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2 thoughts on “Issue 7, Summer 2015

  1. I purchased Issue 7 as an ebook…how do I find it now to download it? Is it coming in an email? I’m having a hard time finding my purchased Issue #7 on this website.

    1. Hi Adam,

      Thanks for your purchase! You’ll be sent your download links by email, generally the next business day.

      Jen, Mel & Sue

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