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The Writer’s Friend & Confidante

The Writer’s Friend and Confidante,  pdf version. This thirty-day guide from Pulp Literature Press was inspired by the editors’ admiration for the strength, endurance, and talent of NaNoWriMo writers, as they rock Novembers from year to year.  Now available in pdf, so you can re-use the workbook with each new project.

© Mel Anastasiou 2016, Pulp Literature Press

Available October 2020

Like Christmas, the Confidante comes but once a year.  She will be available again in mid-October in time for NaNoWriMo.


The Writer’s Boon Companion

boon-coverThe Writer’s Boon Companion motivates, organizes, and invigorates you for 30 days. This writing journal offers space for goals, reflection, and outlines.  Illustrated, insightful, delightful, and compelling, The Writer’s Boon Companion is a clever sidekick for the adventurous author.

The Writer’s Boon Companion is a quiet, thoughtful chap.  Boon offers daily hints and exercises to support your narrative along its road to completion.  You’ll also find generous servings of motivation and philosophy to help you forge ahead over 30 days of drafting towards a completed novel or novella. This writer’s journal offers space for goals, reflection, outlines, and offers what no other writing guide can, the future visions of a steam-powered robot.”    9.99

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© Mel Anastasiou 2016, Pulp Literature Press

ISBN: 976-0-9949565-4-5

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What writers are saying

If Bruce Wayne were a writer, this book would be Alfred.
If you’re like me, the little voice in the back of your head isn’t the most helpful writing companion. I need a professional; someone who knows what needs doing, but isn’t going to be pushy about it. Each page of this guide quietly stepped up to my side and offered pragmatic advice…well-phrased and not at all imposingJTFKing on Amazon.com

Such a helpful little writer’s guide. I love the quotes and encouraging messages from ‘Thaddeus’ the steampunk robot. Each day of the month has just enough to get me thinking and propels my WIP in new and exciting directions. Plus the whimsical illustrations are gorgeous — perfect for colouring as a little side-activity.  I wish there were a whole year’s worth of these!

Colouring Paradise

Colouring bookClear your mind and reinvigorate your muse with colouring. Colouring Paradise: a Renaissance-Inspired Colouring Book is available in print and pdf formats, providing 14 beautiful images on high quality paper by Mel Anastasiou for your colouring delight.  4.99 pdf / 9.99 print

© Mel Anastasiou 2015, Pulp Literature Press
ISBN: 978-0-9949565-0-7

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